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Embracing Aging: A Brimming AMWC in Monaco Sheds Light on Beauty Beyond Youth

The curtains have risen and are falling on the 22nd Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress (AMWC). Held under the High Patronage of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco, and building on 21 years of pioneering global experience, AMWC is the world’s leading conference specializing in aesthetic and anti-aging medicine.

In front of HelloMonaco at the Grimaldi Forum, Catherine Decuyper, co-founder of AMWC, paid homage to the theme… Old Age Not Being A Malady. 

Amidst the current frenzy for aesthetics, Decuyper champions a return to a kinder more balanced ethos allowing us to feel comfortable in our own natural bodies. 

With a surging attendance of well over 15.000 professionals hailing from over 125 nations and a myriad of international brands adorning well over 300 stalls, the AMWC in Monaco stands as a beacon of success in the realm of aesthetic and anti-aging medicine. The brimming exhibition extended across 5 floors!

The bustling crowds surrounding the Monaco convention centre were testament to just how much impact this conference has. Impossible to keep a normal local traffic flow with such excitement. 

In a departure from the norm, Decuyper endeavoured to infuse a philosophical dimension into this year’s proceedings, evident in the inclusion of intellectual heavyweight Raphaël Enthoven, who delivered a compelling discourse titled “The Tyranny of Appearance” in the Salle Camille Blanc.

AMWC’s Journey to Self-Confidence

The Search for a Kinder Balance

Decuyper elucidates that we are witnessing a paradigm shift in aesthetics. No longer is it merely about rectifying flaws or staving off aging. It has metamorphosed into a cultural phenomenon where appearance reigns supreme. There needs to be a kinder balance. She laments the pervasive influence of social media and influencers, perpetuating a standard of beauty that is much too narrow and unforgiving. It leaves too little room for individuality.Expressing concern for the homogenization of future generations, Decuyper questions whether our youth become mere replicas of each other?

AMWC’s Journey to Self-Confidence

Aging is a Natural Part of Life

And aging is not a condition to be remedied; it is a natural part of life. But, nowadays no matter how old we are, we all still want to look healthy and delay the signs of aging as much as we can. The World Congress of Aesthetic and Anti-Age Medicine, under the high patronage of Prince Albert II, keeps us abreast of advances and all the key issues.

Cosmetologists, aesthetic surgery experts, distributors from all over the world flooded the Principality to share their experience and, of course, present this year’s new developments through their unique workshops and lectures.

They are all also wise at the same time of the importance of maintaining ethical standards in the practice of aesthetic medicine. 

HelloMonaco peeked in every corner of the congress and we are always amazed by the abundance of new products and technologies. New scientific research is making unnecessary both injections or surgery to rejuvenate the skin of your face and hands. Certain brands are now selling biorevitalization concentrates that penetrate the skin as efficiently as a needle, but avoiding any pain and need for rehabilitation.

AMWC’s Journey to Self-Confidence

We are also all fascinated by technology.  It is always pleasing to see yourself with slightly altered facial features, smoothed wrinkles, raised eyebrows or maybe a transformed nose tip. Some new phone applications give you the opportunity to create a “new face”, carrying out a kind of virtual 3-D manipulation. Other devices also make an analysis of your skin condition and can “virtually” track it over several decades.

Not surprisingly, many answers remain quite obvious. Healthy and efficient sleep is thus a remedy for any pathology, while the right diet preserves the beauty of your skin, delaying its aging.

The AMWC continues to flourish now expanding its footprint to nine other global metropolises, including Dubai, Sao Paulo, Tokyo, and Miami. The Monaco edition however remains unparalleled in its magnitude.

To sum it all up here in Monaco we may say that no matter what scientific and technological achievements in aesthetic medicine are underway, beauty all starts from within and we ourselves are the ones responsible for the state of our body in the future. Good health to you all!

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