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Enough Noise In Monaco Says The Conseil National Firmly And Vociferously

Monegasques are making themselves heard in a major way via the Conseil National. 22 representatives out of 22 have listened to their constituents who are fed up with the noise from building sites and congestion. And one way of expressing how concerned they are with the impact of noise and congestion on their quality of life is to vote NO to the Government’s plans for public works. Thus Primo! and Union Monégasque voted against the Government’s plan on public works, Thursday night at the Conseil National.

Stephane Valeri as President and all 22 from the majority party Primo and the elected representative of the minority Union Monégasque (UM) Jean-Louis Grinda, voted against the projects in “Great works – Urbanism” of the 2019 Amending Budget Act.

Monegasques are exasperated in the face of noise related to the country’s building sites.
A major opinion poll has been launched, currently, at the behest of the Conseil National with all Monaco citizens over the age of 18 to solicit their views on the quality of life in the Principality.
Marie-Pierre Gramagli is in the hot seat as head of the department of the Equipment, the Environment and Urbanism. The ministerial decrees issued toward the end of 2018 targeted at better supervising construction sites have obviously not worked well enough.

The Minister recounted all the measures put in place to-date to limit nuisance: nearly 5000 checks were carried out, official citations listing offenses were made and there are two additional inspectors to be hired: one this October, the other next April. Walls, soundproofing, acoustic tarpaulins and a “so-called” up and down technique are all in the mix to counter noise and dust. There is very little evidence of progress with Acoustic sarcophagi which the Minister defended due to expense and long-time horizons. Continued excuses tended to infuriate Stéphane Valeri who noted deadlines slipping on promised actions, for example replacement of double glazing with Eucalyptus, opposite the stadium Louis II.

Enough Noise In Monaco Says The Conseil National Firmly And Vociferously

Monegasques do not want only a Smart City; they want a Tranquil City. Minister of State Serge Telle took charge of the situation. While the government as a whole was responsible there were successes such as the Gardens of Apolline where renovations came in between three to six months early. No one wanted to be against the shipyards or be against highly valuable new developments – the question remained one of reducing the noise.

Stephane Valeri and the Minister of State will put their heads together to see how it will be possible to improve. Vice-president of the Conseil National Brigitte Boccone-Pagès wanted to make a “solemn declaration” to note the vote of the majority against the Major Public Works which are one of the root causes of the deterioration of the quality of life in the Principality, not to mention the implications for the financing of the state budget.

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