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Ensuring the Monegasques Work and live at home

Albert Croésie, the delegate of the monitoring unit to the national priority has been working over the past 3 years at the National council to ensure that his compatriots are respected in their rights.

The National Priority… Here is a strong word that speaks to the locals and intrigues the foreigners as well as the European Union. This is a legal specificity to ensure that the locals are in the front row to get employment in the public and private sector, or even to establish themselves as freelance or as far as housing is concerned too. But this prerogative, according to the politicians, has been so badly dealt with, that a delegate was appointed right after the last national elections. Albert Croésie has been at the task since the 4th October 2013. His role has been that of a Consultant to the National council, and not as a public servant. Following an interview, this is his conclusion after years of work.

His job has evolved over the years and has been entrusted by the President Steiner to consult on all public affairs, for which he has also always received full support.
The fact that he is still in position shows that the National Priority is still not respected full and where it should be.

He is approached daily by the SBM, and all the nationals, locals and foreigners, with doleances on unethical or unreasonable practices. This is in all sectors of the business, from valets to hospitality to gaming, everyone has issues with certain management members who decide solely on the future of the employees. He hears often that the employment procedures are unfair, and that some staff is hired on basis of favouritism rather than on professionalism. Priority is seldom given to Nationals unless they are related to someone important. The general staff moral is highly affected in a negative manner although they are all highly qualified. How can employees perform, when they are unhappy, regardless of the competence, and with all the good will and strategies created, there cannot be any progress with unhappy staff.

Solutions do not lay in “why not do or we should…”. The board of directors of the SBM is the ones who should be pinpointing the issues and finding the solutions. Each head of the department should be left to attend to his managerial responsibilities, and demonstrate through this his competencies. Maybe this way the employees will be happier and perform better in their duties. Bearing in mind that employees need to also understand that times have changed, and they need to make an effort too, to adapt to the new ways.

A bad boss always complains about having bad staff.
In terms of commercial spaces, or work space, the government has always respected the National priority, if the presented project was serious and viable. All the spaces of the Odeon Tour have been given to Monaco nationals. In terms of housing, it is impossible not to respect the National priority.

The National priority is more important for certain professional sectors such as architects and lawyers, there should be no compromises in which nationals would not come out as priority beneficiaries. Bearing in mind that foreigners are still allowed to practice in Monaco their profession.

There is very little doubt on the meaning of “positive discrimination” in favour of the Monegasques. It is important to remember that there are more foreigners working and living in Monaco than nationals. The European Union will be taking this into account for sure. There is no doubt or issues in ensuring that the Nationals will be a priority to work and live on their home soil.

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