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Environmental restoration programme at Port of Fontvieille

As part of the government’s policy on protecting marine biodiversity, the Department of the Environment this week began work on installing tide pools developed by ECOncrete® in the Port of Fontvieille.

The tide pools are made from a special type of concrete. They integrate with existing structures (sea wall revetments, ports, riprap) to promote the development of marine biodiversity. They are designed to create water retaining elements, mimicking the natural pools of water that are found in riprap and in which ecosystems grow.

Over the course of this week, five tide pools will be installed at the entrance to the Fontvieille harbour basin, in the riprap belt of the outer port. They will be subject to scientific monitoring by the Department of the Environment to evaluate their performance over a period of three years. If this test is a success, other, similar structures could be installed in different locations along the Monegasque coast.

“In recent years, the Government, working with the Department of the Environment, has launched several environmental restoration projects. These form part of a comprehensive approach that seeks to enhance the natural environment within the city. This initiative continues today with the installation of these tide pools, which will promote the growth of plants, animals and micro-organisms,” announced Marie-Pierre Gramaglia, Minister of Public Works, the Environment and Urban Development.


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