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Extension of health pass, gauge and duration of isolation in Monaco

The Prince’s Government has announced new measures to fight Covid-19. Faced with the explosion in the number of cases of Covid-19 contamination in recent days, as shown by the health report published daily and to support a hospital situation still under pressure, the Prince’s Government wished to readjust a series of measures in order to slow down the spread of the virus, while recalling the priorities of screening and vaccination.

Health Pass Extension

From January 17th until the end of February, the health pass is extended to professions that are crucial to the functioning of the state. This affects the public and private sector (banks or energy concessionaires, and telecoms for example).

All of the following measures come into effect immediately today Saturday January 8:


Reduction in the number of diners at the table from 12 to 8 people.

Table spacing from 1m to 1.5m.

Public Gauge

Number of people accommodated limited to 2000 with the possibility of amendment depending on the specific health protocol presented by the manager of the reception entity.

Consumption of food and drink prohibited.

Reduced Isolation Duration

4 possibilities:

1. Positive case:
Isolation 7 days + reinforced barrier gestures for 4 days after leaving isolation.

2. Low-risk vaccinated or non-vaccinated contact cases:
No isolation
PCR or antigen test on Day + 2 of contact
Self-tests recommended on Day + 4 and Day + 6
Reinforced barrier gestures for 7 days after contact.

3. High risk unvaccinated contact case:
Isolation 7 days
PCR or antigen test on Day + 7.

4. Contact case living in the same household as the positive case:
Isolation 7 days
PCR or antigen test on Day + 7 of contact
Reinforced barrier gestures for 4 days.

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