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Father Christmas Opens his Secretariat at Monaco Post Office

For the twelfth consecutive year, Father Christmas will be opening his secretariat at Monaco Post Office from Tuesday 20 November 2018.  All the staff have already begun this task, which will continue until Monday 24 December 2018.

While Father Christmas and his elves prepare the toys that he will distribute on 24 December, the secretariat will deal with children’s letters.

Whether they’re addressed to “Father Christmas, 1, Cloud Lane, North Pole,” “Father Christmas in the land of toys and wonders” or Father Christmas, third igloo on the left after the pack ice, North Pole, France,” the letters will arrive at the secretarial office and will receive an individual reply.

In Monaco, the hardworking staff undertake this work with a smile, as the messages from the children are so touching:  “Darling Father Christmas, I am sorry to order so many things,” said one of the letters.  Little Alyssia even made some promises: “I am well behaved and I hope you will bring me lots of presents … I promise I will go and sleep in my bed.”

How to write to Father Christmas

Writing to Father Christmas is very simple!  All you have to do is send him a letter or a pretty drawing in an envelope.

This letter may be placed in the post box in the Métropole shopping centre or in any other post box in the Principality.

Father Christmas and the Internet

Children can also write to him at

A reply from Father Christmas

To receive a reply, children should remember (with the help of their parents) to write their contact details (name, first name and address) legibly on their envelope, letter or drawing.


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