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Free of charge: how the Mairie supports Monaco restaurants in the current context

Many economies nowadays seem to be under political pressure to rapidly “return to normal” including holding events that attract crowds at the risk of diluting social distancing and risking another wave of coronavirus infections. 

In Monaco the economy is showing some healthy signs in real estate and construction – and on the tourism side there are some glimpses of green shoots with the season focussing on high-end customers, many of whom will be targeting to stay at SBM’s iconic resort hotels including the last two hotels waiting to get started, the Hermitage and the Beach, both announcing their reopening this week in the first days of July. Welcome to life at the Michelin-starred Elsa, and the restaurant and lounge bar La Vigie.

Hotel occupancy rates are on the rise. Reportedly the initial figures show that the anticipated more modest 2020 summer season may have good surprises in August and September. 

the Mairie supports Monaco restaurants

Rents For Outside Space For Restaurants

The restaurant sector has been really struggling – with capacity to trade cut typically in half by the sanitary measures. For most that has meant cutting seating in order to distance tables and seats. It is a vital part of the economy for locals and tourists alike – life is just not the same without a social buzz around wonderful cuisine. 

An answer has been found by the Mairie who is lending a helping hand by extending outside space without charge. A relief for the restauranteurs who are reeling from paying their bills with less space and custom. 

the Mairie supports Monaco restaurants
@Artem Beliaikin: Pexels

Outside space is a healthy alternative too. So as long as the Mairie issues a permit, and while social distancing requirements are in force, rents for outside space on the pavements and streets are free for now. 

Let’s hope for a vibrant summer and friendly buzz around all our favourite eating oases. Hands up for a show of support for our restauranteurs to whom the Mairie has just given a shot in the arm. 

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