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From Chefs with Love: Christmas Baskets for Victims of Storm Alex

How would you like a Christmas basket prepared by an array of the most creative of European chefs let loose to unleash their passion with salmon, gingerbread, papillotes, jams, panettones, fine wines and anything else they can think of. 

Imagine if only 180 of these baskets were about to be given out in Casino Square and there was an auction for the lucky recipients. The price and the delight of the winners would be sky-high.

It didn’t happen exactly that way but don’t be sad something equally wonderful happened with a touching human twist, full of Christmas spirit and generosity. 

Storm Alex which had devastated the Roya caught the attention of chefs through the two associations Monaco Goût et Saveurs (MGS) and Le Grand Cordon d’Or de la Cuisine Française (President Gilles Brunner). 

Joël Garault, President of MGS heard of the plight of the villagers of Fontan and Berghe in the Roya. He moved at the speed of light with the aid of the two Chefs associations and also with the help of the Novotel in Monaco and the Thermes Marins. 

180 Christmas baskets were soon assembled with loving care and at the ready in Monaco destined to bring joy to the hearts of these suffering communities in the Roya. 

New challenge

And then the challenge of forwarding them to Fontan. And there Joël Garault received excellent assistance from the Automobile Club of Monaco where reportedly Christian Tornatore immediately put at disposal vehicles with drivers. Huge thanks to all are deserved including the chefs involved, of course. The baskets of goodies were distributed in Fontan in the official presence of HE Mr. Laurent Stefanini, Ambassador of France in Monaco, Xavier Pelletier, Prefect and an ecstatic Mayor of Fontan Philippe Oudot – and there were 2 taxis from Monaco who gave welcome help too. Thanks go to Messrs. Berutto and Kieffer.

What would Christmas be if it were not for the Principality’s inexhaustible Christmas spirit! 

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