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Monaco Red Cross At The Centre Of Storm Alex Relief Operations

If the pandemic were not enough a challenge in people’s lives, so too is the climate. Storm Alex left a trail of destruction in the towns and valleys, including la Roya, in the countryside neighbouring the Principality, both in France and Italy. In the last two months bringing relief with the help of kind donors has been a top priority of the Red Cross. The missions of help continue: 

80 Red Cross Volunteers, Employees, & Monaco Collections Bring Help

Would it surprise you to discover that over 45 missions already have been bringing relief. The Collection Centre itself in Monaco has received a constant flow of gifts that are organized to arrive to the most needy – including toys and books for children. Over 2000 hours of help and still counting are being reported. 

Monaco Harbour Collection

The Red Cross teams are fully deployed at the port: clothes, food, hygiene kits, protection against Covid. It is always surprising to see how many donations are piled up into a cubic metre. The small hill of donations at the port amount to reportedly over 70 cubic meters! And 20 cubic meters have been amassed at Menton too for speedy shipment to La Roya

Monaco Red Cross Collects over 275.000 Euros For Storm Alex Victims 

Since the October call for help funds have been pouring in from donors to the Monaco Red Cross. It has become a prime support for the Mairies of the devastated communities. Prince Albert had, early on, flown by helicopter over the areas overwhelmed by the storm and released 100.000 from his personal funds. 

Up to 80% or more of the social welfare funds for the victims of the communities affected have been provided by these funds flowing from Monaco charities and concerned citizens. It’s an outpouring of warmth and fellowship from the Principality to its neighbours. The resources are a great help – be it the food and clothes or toys for the children and even vehicles for the Mairies. 

We give thanks to the Monaco Red Cross and our wishes for the speedy recovery of victims of Storm Alex. 

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