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Future cable car: negotiations continue

The Mayor of La Turbie discusses possible ideas regarding the future cable car project for Monaco.

Jean-Jacques Raffaele welcomes the project of a cable car linking the Exotic Garden to the neighbourhoods of Fontvieille and Monaco-city, but does not give up the idea of connecting to La Turbie.

The announcement of an interurban cable car project in Monaco by Minister of State Serge Telle did not surprise, but actually pleased, the Mayor of La Turbie. Well, to a degree…

“This topic of an intramural cable car, we have known about it since the announcement of Prince Albert II. I am happy to know that cable cars are now taken seriously and considered to be a real means of transport.”

However, Jean-Jacques Raffaele regrets that this project is limited for the time being to the border of Monaco and that it will not have an extension in France.

“To build one in Monaco is a very good thing but, once again, it’s intramural or internal. This will not solve the issues of traffic entering and leaving Monaco.”

The Mayor of La Turbie confessed that he continues to study various solutions to “connect” his Municipality with the Principality.

“The eventual project that we could have would either connect to this project, or eventually to a park and ride.”

What about la Brasca? If the purchase of the land at la Brasca, in the city of Eze by the Principality, could lead to the emergence of a park and ride space, this also would not suffice to relieve traffic congestion, insisted the Mayor of La Turbie.

“I said several times that la Brasca would solve the problems near Monaco but not above Monaco, since a funnel effect would be created. The idea would be to build a park and ride at La Turbie …”

The latter could be linked, for example, to la Brasca.

“A departure and arrival station is needed”, concluded Jean-Jacques Raffaele ironically.

It remains to be seen what form the cable car project in Monaco will take in the future and to what extent it will actually be connected to La Turbie.

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