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Monaco Grand Prix 2018 and other Monaco news

This nice Spring weekend all eyes are watching closely the circuit of Monaco not forgetting to check out events in the nearby Cannes. And we prepared for you an update on the most interesting Monaco news.

Monaco Grand Prix 2018 – The Cheering Has Already Started

Monaco Grand Prix

When Charles LeClerc strides out to the starting grid for the Monaco Grand Prix he is going to feel very much at home. Monegasques cheering wildly for their hero will for just a little while contain their enthusiasm to listen to the playing of the Monaco National Anthem by the Prince’s Guards (Carabiniers du Prince). Then pandemonium will likely break loose – the combination of the Monaco National Anthem and a 20 year old Monegasque on the grid will have their passions soaring skywards.

Telethon Monaco 2017 raised almost 90 millions euros

AFM Téléthon Monaco

The results of the 2017 Telethon were announced by Muriel Agliardi, President of the AFM Téléthon Monaco, during the “Téléthon Merci” ceremony which took place in Monaco, in the presence of Stéphane Valeri, President of the National Council.

The global telethon raised 89.2 million euros, and Monaco raised over 70,000 euros this year. Muriel Agliardi, President of the AFM Telethon Monaco, said the ceremony is an occasion to thank all the volunteers, who really invested their time during several events all over Monaco, including the mannequin challenge and other events on the port.  Highlights from Telethon Monaco also included the Scouts planting trees.

Historic Grand Prix of Monaco: Important Information On Monaco Roads

Historic Grand Prix of Monaco

The 11th Historic Grand Prix of Monaco will be taking place from May 11th to 13th in the Principality with this year’s events starting on the morning of Friday May 11th.

Therefore, those who drive in the Principality need to be aware of when the roads used during the Historic Grand Prix race will be dedicated solely for use by those racing. They will not be available for general use.

Cannes Film Festival over the years

Cannes Film Festival

“A festival is a neutral territory outside of politics, it is a microcosm representing our world as it would be if people could communicate with each other without intermediaries and speak the same language.” Jean Cocteau.

The history of the red carpet at the Palace of Festivals on the Croisette in Cannes dates back to the pre-war times. The Cannes Film Festival was born as a response to the first world film festival held in Venice. The growing fascism of the mid 20thcentury, however, affected all the spheres of the society life, cinema being no exception. Mussolini who came to power in Italy in the 30s made the Venice Film Festival politicized. Only films glorifying fascism could be the winners.

Monaco’s 4th International Rose Competition

Monaco’s 4th International Rose Competition

The 4th edition of the Monaco International Rose Competition, organized by the Prince’s Government and the Friends of the Princess Grace Rose Garden, presided over by Yves G. Piaget, took place at the Princess Grace Rose Garden on Friday 4 May 2018. The competition, sponsored by the World Federation of Rose Societies (WFRS) and sponsored by jewellery brand Maison Piaget, stands apart from other international rose competitions because the flowers presented are grown in pots and not in the ground. This feature is alluring to both organizers and gardeners, in order to research and showcase varieties for the ornamentation of terraces, balconies and small gardens.

Athens win Champions League, Roca take home Silver

Roca Team

AEK Athens won their 3rd European Cup on their basketball court in Greece, surrounded by 19,000 fans and an electric atmosphere. The Roca Team just fell short during the final game of the Champions League. The AEK players’ offense, including leader Mike Green (19 points, voted Final Four’s best player) was hard to stop. The Roca team played with heart, but failed to stop the Greek machine, expert in the art of one on one. Despite their difficult opponents and the many three pointers by AEK, the ASM remained in the game, refusing to give in, pushing back constantly, like the exceptional Sergei Gladyr.

Princess Grace Hospital Centre has a New Director

Benoîte de Sevelinges
Benoîte de

Patrick Bini, current Director of the Princess Grace Hospital Centre, will be eligible to claim his pension soon and will leave his hospital duties on 30 June 2018.

The Prince’s Government has chosen Benoîte de Sevelinges, current Deputy Director of the Princess Grace Hospital Centre, to succeed Patrick Bini.

Grand Prix Safety & Prevention Meeting

Grand Prix Safety & Prevention Meeting

Recently, the Directorate of Public Security organized a coordination meeting with the managers of the institutions located near the southern region of the track, in preparation for the next Grand Prix.

The Prince’s Government and its permanent policy of safety and prevention are committed to making the surroundings of the circuit safer during the Grand Prix by establishing particular partnerships which promote safety within the different socio-professional categories.

Will Another Monaco Grand Prix Racing Car Shatter Auction Records

Grand Prix Racing Car Auction

Can you name the most valuable two Formula 1 cars ever sold at auction? If you are a collector you probably remember the last record breaking auction when just last November the Ferrari F2001 driven by Michael Schumacher was auctioned during Sotheby’s Contemporary Art Evening Sale in New York for $7,504,000 to become the most expensive modern era F1 car ever sold at auction.

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