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Green Light given to “Soleil du Midi” Building on Plati Street

A building with 29 apartments will be constructed on the disused plot on Plati Street.

The National Council voted Thursday night in favor of decommissioning the 109-square-metre parcel of public land between Crovetto-Frères Avenue and Plati Street. A legislative act which would make it possible to launch the development of a construction dubbed “Soleil du Midi” – at 29 rue Plati – comprising of 26 apartments and commercial premises during the second half of 2019. In his report in front of the High Assembly, Marc Burini explained that part of this project is to “promote the optimization of the construction via an extension by incorporating this plot”. In figures, these 109 square-meters would make it possible to gain 281 square meters of living space, ten additional parking spaces and 122 commercial premises.

Fostering Human-Scale Operations

Plati Street

This small-scale government operation is one of the three announced a year ago. It allows for smaller development between large state-owned operations. In this regard, the reporter of the bill encouraged the government “to continue a proactive reflection on this type of human scale development, to create more rapid developments and to revitalize neighborhoods while fostering social mix.” In response, the Minister of State, placing housing as a “top priority”, recalled the government’s objective to have” 4,000 state-owned dwellings as early as 2020. A satisfactory proportion for a population of 9,100 Monegasques.”

Jean Castellini, the Government Minister for Finance and Economy, approved of the medium size of the development, “a format to be favored due to the scarcity of large areas of unoccupied land”. Thursday evening, the government confirmed that the acquisition by the State of the Villa Carmelha had just been finalized to establish the project of “Villa del Sol II” (25 to 30 units), on Saint Roman avenue. Neighboring the development, projected to be delivered mid-2018, is “Villa del Sol” with 33 units. For residents of the Plati district, the decommissioning of the plot will lead to the closure of the public stairway between Crovetto-Frères Avenue and the Boulevard de Belgique, via the top of Plati Street, a pedestrian link which will be rebuilt at the end of the works, and put back into public service.

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