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Grimaldi got on the list of wealthiest people in Europe

Europe’s wealthiest individuals are a mixed group. Some of them hold fortunes derived from centuries-old dynasties, while others are hard-nosed entrepreneurs who scrabbled up from humble backgrounds.

There are those in Eastern Europe who made their money recently after the collapse of the Soviet Union, there are industrialists from Scandinavia with fortunes derived from old industry, and there are some in Western Europe with ancient royal connections.

Business Insider has used Forbes’ rich list to determine the wealthiest individual in each European state, ranked from the least-wealthy upwards. Among 18 billionaires Andrea Casiraghi’s wife took 17th place with a reported net worth of £1.8 billion ($2.3 billion)!

Beer heiress Tatiana Casiraghi is Monaco’s richest resident. Tatiana Santo Domingo is a member of Monaco’s royal family, the 33-year-old surely doesn’t need the money of her husband, Grace Kelly’s grandson, Andrea Casiraghi, to get by. Casiraghi inherited the bulk of her fortune from her late grandfather, who sold his Colombian brewery Bavaria for billions in 2005. She is married to Prince Andrea Casiraghi of Hanover, who is fourth in the line to the Monaco throne.

Princess Caroline’s daughter-in-law is also co-founder of ethical clothing line Muzungu Sisters, which she launched in 2011.

The fashionista married Andrea back in 2013. The couple was wed on the grounds of the Prince’s Palace with Tatiana wearing a hippie chic bridal gown by Missoni.

Andrea and his wife are parents to three-year-old son Alexandre and one-year-old daughter India. Back in 2015, the very discreet Tatiana gave a rare interview, during which she revealed that motherhood had changed her.

To compare, the first place of these rankings is occupied by a Spanish business magnate who founded the Inditex fashion group, Armancio Ortega. The group is best known for the Zara fashion chain and he is the second richest person in the world with a reported net worth £56.6 billion ($71.1 billion).

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