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Health Protocols To Protect Against Covid Firmly in Place Ready for the School Year

There’s no escaping the reality the Covid has not gone away and that Schools will have planned again to keep their classrooms safe. 

And if last year is anything to go by there is reason to have confidence the measures the schools will put in place will be effective because it was reported that the Principality had not closed any class last year. 

Health Passes Not Required 

One measure that has been deemed unnecessary for attendance at school is the Health Pass.

That comes from the top of the Government minister hierarchy. Pierre Dartout, Minister of State, has confirmed it. The government does not plan to extend compulsory vaccination in the school environment. It is very different from the health professions where contact with the most fragile has to be made regularly without barrier gestures being able to be applied . 

In the schools barrier gestures continue to form the main health protections that are in force such as wearing a mask, washing hands and social distancing. Masks are mandatory except for children with allergies or specific pathologies. 

And, in addition, typically in high school there is hydroalcoholic gel available and doors remain open to lesson any risk of contamination from door handles. Ventilation is important so expect windows to remain open much if not all of the time and even in winter at intervals. Health rules at cafeterias include physical distancing with fewer pupils per table. And pupils generally are seated in staggered rows but without plexiglass barriers. 

Because last year ran smoothly the children generally will be arriving at school with a high degree of confidence in the health rules and are very familiar with them. 

What Happens if there Are Any Covid Cases 

If a child tests positive in Kindergarten, the whole class is sent home. For elementary schools the protocol is slightly different. For elementary classes, if at least three cases are detected, an epidemiological investigation will be carried out and the doctor will announce the procedure to follow. Whatever the case, it will be: all at home or all at school in a safe environment. 

And for every school there are plans to roll out PCR tests if necessary as soon as a case of Covid is declared in a classroom. Students and staff will be tested on site.

There is the advantage this year, having tested these procedures in schools in the prior year. One hopes this is the last year when Covid is at the heart of health plans. 

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