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High-Speed Fibre Optic Internet comes to Monaco

Monaco has finally joined the ranks of other countries who offer high-speed fibre optic internet to their populations. Monaco Telecom is currently connecting each home to this new digital network.

Currently, fibre internet is already available for approximately 60% of households. By the end of the year, 85% of households will be eligible and 100% of households will have access to fibre in 2022, according to Monaco Telecom. 

How does fibre works and how fast is it?

An Internet connection using fibre optic cables delivers signals through light via small, flexible glass wires. And it’s very fast. Your fibre optic connection won’t deliver data at quite the speed of light, because the signal bounces around the wire many times on the way to its destination, but it can still handle a whopping 10 Gbps. Ultrafast internet is defined as a speed greater than 100Mbps. 10 Gbps is 10,000 Mbps!

Setting up the new network has taken three years of work. Demand is likely to be high among internet users, as fibre offers a technological leap in terms of speed, reliability and capacity. Fibre should also resolve Monaco Telecom’s main cause of customer service calls: faulty Wi-Fi.

Customers are not required to make the switch to fibre internet, but it is highly recommended. Buildings built after 2017 have pre-integrated fibre equipment. A handful of test users have been connected to fibre in Monaco for the last few weeks. Monaco Telecom will soon be selecting a hundred households to get the ball rolling. First-time users will be able to use the new network in April. 

Monaco’s fibre figures

  • 210 km of cable used throughout the Principality
  • 100,000 connections made
  • 20,000 premises (apartments, offices) eligible
  • 100% recycled plastic box
  • 760 buildings already equipped (i.e. 62% of buildings in the Principality)

To check whether fibre internet is available for your home visit:

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