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Hostage simulation exercise at the Rainier III Auditorium

Training and preparation of personnel are important topics in the government’s safety policy. In order to test the response-time of the Police, Rescue and General Prosecution forces, as well as the coordination of these entities with each other and with French services, a large-scale security exercise has just been launched within the Auditorium Rainier III, since 7 pm last night.

This significant exercise, which includes the mobilization of more than 400 people and whose scenario simulates a hostage taking in the building, continued for much of the night.

The Directorate of the Police Force, the Fire Brigade, the General Prosecutor’s Office, the Princess Grace Hospital, the Monegasque Red Cross, the Institute for Nursing Education and various State Services have been mobilized for this occasion.

The Alpes-Maritimes Prefecture and its departments were also involved in this operation, within the framework of cooperation established in the field of security.

police exercise
Photo by Greg Andersen

In order to ensure that interventions were carried out smoothly, the flow of traffic and pedestrians were affected in the area of ​​the Louis II tunnel. Until the end of the exercise at night, the following was interrupted:

  • Vehicle and pedestrian traffic between the JF Kennedy quay at the chicane and the Portier roundabout in both directions;
  • The use of lifts was limited at the Casino and Esplanade Boissy;
  • The bus lanes passing through the Louis II tunnel.

Various noise nuisances could be perceived by local residents until late evening (vehicle movements, detonations, sirens from response vehicles…)

This exercise fully complies with the Principality’s safety policy in the civil protection and public security fields. The authorities thank the residents for their understanding of the inconvenience caused by carrying out these operations.

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