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How Monaco is Coming Back to Life After Lockdown

After 49 days of uncertainty due to the global Covid-19 pandemic, Monaco embarked on what was described as a “gradual and cautious” reopening process by the Minister of State Serge Telle. Private jets can fly again, boats can feel the waters, and restaurants, offices, worship places, and shops have been reopening slowly. But how is the Principality returning to normalcy, a week before the rest of France?

Businesses are open to public

Nearly 98 percent of Metropole Shopping Center boutiques reopened on the first day after the lockdown was lifted. Minister of Economy and Finance Jean Castellini, and his Social Affairs and Health counterpart Didier Gamerdinger met business owners to ensure that all the necessary social distancing measures were adequately implemented.

The management of the shopping center availed a kit with all the information on social distancing practices to all shop owners. Free masks were distributed to customers at all the entry points of the Metropole Shopping Center.

For eateries and cafes, it was a bit different as they could not open their doors to customers just yet. At first, restaurants resolved to organize take-away services for customers as a way of keeping their businesses going, but they would later open doors but under stringent regulations.

Children are going back to school

Schools are not open in France yet, but the Principality made plans for children to resume their studies by age group. The idea was to bring candidates back to school first to facilitate swift preparations for upcoming exams. There would be a group of learners returning to school every Monday for the next few weeks.

“We want to be very careful and avoid running any risks. It was easier to raise awareness among older students first. This will also help students taking exams because the marks obtained at a distance during the confinement will not count in exam classes.” Said Director of National Education Isabelle Bonnal.

Parents working remotely

A new bill was adopted by the National Council, where working remotely during the health crisis was made compulsory where possible.

“By making people work from home in jobs which allow it is a remarkable compromise and particularly useful in the current crisis,” emphasized Serge Telle, the Minister of State.

Churches and other places of worship

All worship services were celebrated remotely via social media since the lockdown, but Monaco announced the reopening of doors to these places. However, the number of worshippers allowed per session would be limited according to facility capacity, and the wearing of face masks would be compulsory for everyone.

Other measures to do with personal hygiene, including washing hands regularly, sanitizing, and zero-interaction, are also mandatory.

Maximum caution advised

Even after the reopening of Monaco, the police shall be around to ensure that people comply with all the rules, especially at the border point of France. Persons entering the Municipality from France must possess proof of business travel, and must undergo compulsory Covid-19 tests at each entry point.

For the ten days Monaco reported zero cases, a high number of patients were discharged from hospitals, but the government warned its citizens against getting too complacent.

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