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How Positive Are The Results for Tourism over the festive season? Some surprises!

At the beginning of this new year, the Tourism and Convention Authority (DTC) analyzed visitor numbers over Christmas and New Year. Following that review Guy Antognelli, Director of Tourism, had given an overview, and in particular of the rate of occupancy, the profile of visitors, how the future looks and the latest adjusted targets. 

The Government’s own press release indicated just how positive are the results. Hotels posted an average occupancy of 50% at Christmas time. This is considerably above the expected average for the last month of the year. 

Looking at the New Year period itself, occupancy of 90% exceeded all expectations. Based on these figures the health crisis seems to be behind the Principality. 

Breakdown of Visitor Nationalities

The Tourism and Convention Authority also reports on the main nationalities who visited during the festive season. Nearly half of the customers attracted by Monaco’s hotels came from France or Italy. Notable also was a significant increase in American visitors. This is a continuation of a pattern observed at the start of 2023.

Reports of the increased American presence impacting the hotel industry were seen going back to last summer. Those reports noted just short of a 25% increase in Americans compared to 2022 and an increase of 10% compared to 2019.  The peak is typically evident in June, July, August and September. The trend according to the DTC has been noticeable in each month. 

What are the Expectations for 2024

Credit for attracting visitors is given by the DTC to the Principality’s decorations, especially in the Christmas village and on Casino Square. This plays a key role, both in attracting local and regional customers who come for a day, and international customers. 

And the DTC notes visitors have not been shy in sharing their positive opinions. 

The Director of Tourism sees the potential for a surge in Italian tourists. Also the numbers of British tourists, despite the economic challenges and Brexit may start to uptick. The trend is also there for a continuation of the wave of American clientele. 

 For business tourism, the recovery includes the potential for returning to pre-crisis levels. 

The teams at the Tourism and Convention Authority are also reported  to looking carefully at Asia where the health crisis had played a negative role. The year 2023 has already seen reported increases in visitor numbers from China and the Middle East. There remains potential there. 


How to continue this positive trend? Promoting Monaco’s charms and highlighting the excellence of its tourism offering remains the key. 

It may not be necessary to attract ever higher numbers of visitors. Continuing  to enhance the attractiveness of the destination is equally a magnet for a  diverse and quality clientele that will create the right business result.

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