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How to get Better Phone Reception in Monaco…

French phone networks have been recently welcomed into the Principality onto Monaco Telecom’s network, promising better phone reception for users subscribed to companies like SFR, Bouygues and Free. As of 5 March, people who text Monegasque numbers and people who visit Monaco from France should be experiencing a lot less frustration!

Monaco Telecom customers are on the Orange network in France and Orange customers are on the Monaco Telecom network in the Principality. But texts and calls from other French networks in Monaco have been notoriously poor.

Now, thanks an agreement supported by the Prince’s Government (through the Department of Digital Platforms and Resources headed by Christophe Pierre) in coordination with French networks and Monaco Telecom, mobile phone quality has gone up. When visitors come to Monaco, romancing will be activated and they will transfer to the Monaco Telecom mobile network.

In order to be able to use the Monaco Telecom network, subscribers to French mobile services must check, that the following parameters are set: Cellular data and roaming set to “Data abroad”.  The code +33 must be dialled for any call to France. If your phone is set to “Automatic network selection” mode, the network should be joined automatically, or users can manually select “Monaco Telecom”.

Better Phone Reception for visitors in Monaco?

100% of mobile lines are now on a single network

According to Monaco Telecom, since 1 February,  there are no more mobile lines using the old mobile infrastructure. All SIM cards have been changed and the old network has now been deactivated. All Monaco Telecom customers are now using a new, more efficient mobile network.

5G and Fibre usage in Monaco

5G was launched three years ago in the Principality and now represents almost 25% of data usage within Monaco Telecom’s network. This percentage is higher than in all European countries. (However, in Southeast Asian countries, the rates about 30%.) Overall, Monaco Telecom has the same number of both companies and individuals on the 5G network.

Fibre was launched about a year ago, a technology that allows speeds of up to 10 Gbps. Since then, over 30% of households and 20% of businesses in Monaco have migrated to fibre. The 270 customers who were still using the old copper internet technology at the beginning of December have since been connected to the internet via Fibre. Fibre is more efficient, more economical and less energy-consuming.

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