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How to Shop During Monaco’s Grand Prix and what is closed

Here’s a quick guide to help you navigate through Monaco’s Grand Prix week without a hitch.  Some establishments are closed, some have longer opening hours and some, like the Condamine Market, have relocated altogether for the week-long event.  So between races, festivities and celebrations, if you need to go grocery shopping or work-out, here’s some practical information to help you have a stress-free week.

Grand Prix Monaco car

Casino Albert-I Supermarket now Open 24 hours

Shopping all night is now possible during the Grand Prix. Until 27 May, Casino Albert-I Supermarket, located at the starting line of the F1 circuit, offers customers a 24-hour shopping schedule during the Grand Prix season.

Condamine Market moved during Grand Prix

Every year, the Condamine Marketis moved to rue des Azores throughout the Grand Prix Formula 1. Because of the temporary Grand Prix village created for race-fans, the usual market, MGP Live, gardeners and florists have been moved to the top of Azores street, every morning until 28 May.  Deliveries of fruits and vegetables are also still available as normal during Grand Prix week.

Condamine Market

Establishments closed for Monaco F1 Grand Prix:

Rainier III Academy

Closed Monday 21 May and Wednesday 23 May until Sunday 27 May included.

Casa d’i Soci – Maison des Associations

Closed from Thursday 24 May to Thursday 31 May included.

Monaco Media Library

Closed Monday 21 May and Thursday 24 May until Sunday 27 May included.

Opening hours change on Tuesday 22 May and Wednesday 23 May: 10am to 5pm.

Rainier III Nautical Stadium

Closed from Wednesday 23 May to Sunday 27 May inclusive.

Hercule Fitness Club

Closed from Thursday 24 May to Sunday 27 May included.

Saint-Charles Swimming Pool

Closed from Thursday 24 May to Sunday 27 May included.

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