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Inauguration of the new Hercule Fitness Club Municipal Gym and other Monaco news

We hope you’re enjoying this great tennis weekend in Monaco. And meanwhile here for you we selected the most interesting pieces from the past week’s news.

Inauguration of the new Hercule Fitness Club Municipal Gym

Hercule Fitness Club Municipal gym
Hercule cardio training

In the presence of Monsignor Barsi, Archbishop of Monaco, Stéphane Valéri, President of the National Council, Patrice Cellario, Government Councillor – Minister for the Interior, Didier Gamerdinger, Government Councillor – Minister for Social Affairs and Health, Marc Mourou, National Councillor, President of the Commission of Education and Youth, and representatives of the Monegasque institutions, Mayor Georges Marsan surrounded by several members of the Communal Council, inaugurated the new Hercule Fitness Club Municipal gym on Monday 16 April 2018.

A Surprise Raid On A Japanese Seller Of Beauty Products At The Anti-Aging Congress

Anti Aging Placenta

Imagine a raid taking place by the authorities on one of the vendors of beauty products at the Anti-Aging Congress (AMWC, 2018) at the Grimaldi Forum. This came as a complete surprise to everyone there including the organizers of the Anti-Aging Congress.

Event Program: Sculptor François-Joseph Bosio’s 250th Anniversary

François-Joseph Bosio

A program of events commemorating the 250th anniversary of sculptor François-Joseph Bosio’s birth will be taking place in Monaco, beginning on Saturday the 21st April 2018.

250 years ago, on the 19th of March 1768, Giuseppe Francesco Bosio was born in Monaco, better known as François-Joseph Bosio, a Monegasque sculptor who became internationally renowned during his lifetime. At the initiative of the Department of the Interior, the Prince’s Government wishes to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the Monegasque sculptor, who was honoured with the title of ‘First Sculptor of the King’.

Monaco’s Call to Action: “I protect my child, I vaccinate him”

European Immunisation Week

Monaco’s Department of Health and Social Affairs has initiated a public health campaign to ensure that everyone in the Principality is aware of the importance of immunisation. European Immunisation Week, spanning April 23 and 29 is also being given high profile in the promotional efforts of the World Health Organisation.

The Monaco Prestige IFBB Cup: Where Strength and Durability meet

Monaco Bodybuilding and Fitness Championship (Prestige IFBB Cup)

We all know that working on yourself is a key to many achievements. Sooner or later, hard work bears fruit. The participants at the first Monaco Bodybuilding and Fitness Championship (Prestige IFBB Cup) are very familiar with what physical work is, and the result was immediately obvious to both the audience and the jury. The contest of “The Strongest” was held in Leo Ferre on Saturday, April 14. It was organized by the Monegasque Bodybuilding and Fitness Association (AMBF-IFBB), and was visited by the City Mayor, Georges Marsans.

Princely Palace Chapel: The Grimaldi family treasury

Princely Palace Chapel

What does Monaco suggest to you? Expensive cars, luxury hotels, snow-white yachts… This must likely be the image attracting its many tourists, but you can only truly grasp the essence of this miniature Principality by plunging into its rich history.

Believe it or not, the Grimaldi family has been a ruling dynasty for more than 700 years and is one of the oldest in Europe. The family history is full of mysteries and legends, and each ruler made a special contribution to the Principality. This is evidenced by the number of monuments and documents that can be found in the various museums in Monaco.

Housing for Monegasques – A Priority Dear to Monaco’s Heart


The housing needs of the growing Monegasque population within a Principality that has only so much space is a priority for the Government. It is one of Prince Albert’s priorities and the Government is responding accordingly.

There are occasional major development projects that lead to an increase in housing units and these are supported by additional smaller projects. Year on year there is a continuous supply of new apartments to Monegasques to the tune of about 110 units. If we look at the five years from 2013 to 2018 there were 552 new apartments which is consistent with this pace of 110 units per year.

Grimaldi Forum makes huge transition to Clean Energy

Grimaldi Forum

Solar panels will cover the roof of the Grimaldi Forum, creating a huge source of energy. By the year 2019, 2,470 m2 of solar panels will make the Grimaldi Forum the largest producer of green energy in the country. The green electricity will also be beneficial to the future seafront extension project, making it an Eco-district.

Signing agreement between Grimaldi and SMEG

An agreement between the Grimaldi Forum and SMEG was recently signed for the most powerful solar panels on the market, which will produce 600,000 kWh annually, the equivalent of the annual consumption of a hundred Monegasque households. The energy production of the roof will not power the building, but will be put back into the SMEG grid as green electricity. SMEG will fully finance the installation and operation of this power plant, with a budget of two million euros.

Creating New Marine Habitats in Monaco

Biohut Monaco

Over the last three days, 40 artificial habitats were installed by Ecocean at the Hercule and Fontvieille ports to protect 30 species of marine animals and improve their chances of survival. Artificial habitats are beneficial shelters to protect smaller fish and animals from more threatening predators and other dangers. All the more vital in a potentially dangerous harbour environment.  Four years ago, the Montpelier company Ecocean created forty similar habitats for what, at that time, was a test phase, in conjunction with the Maritime Affairs Department. These new Biohuts will make the harbours become a habitable home for marine life.

Biohut Monaco
Installing Biohut Ecocean Monaco
Installing Biohut Ecocean

Yersin Explorations take unexpected break until Next Year

Yersin Monaco Explorations

The Yersin vessel, a flagship for The Explorations of Monaco team, will not resume its scientific explorations until the beginning of next year, which has raised a few questions in the Principality. After its mission on the Colombian island of Malpelo, the Yersin was supposed to continue with a scientific program in the Galapagos, but everything was suddenly stopped and rescheduled. The reason? To enter the ultra-protected Galapagos archipelago, an inspection and a general cleaning of the vessel are required to prevent species on the hull from being transported to the Pacific islands. A treatment that is more complicated on the Yersin, because of a special coating which surrounds the hull of the boat, like a second skin, to avoid pollution caused by paint peeling off at sea. A greener ship, but less convenient when it comes to entering the Galapagos.

Yersin Monaco Explorations
Prince Albert aboard

The Explorations of Monaco were set to end in June 2020, after a scientific world tour of the Galapagos, Polynesia, New Caledonia, the Indian Ocean and many other fascinating locations.

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