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Innovations from the world of beauty at the AMEC 2017 in Monaco

On 15 September, the doors of the Grimaldi Forum were opened for the biggest beauty convention in Europe, the Aesthetic & Anti-aging Medicine European Congress. AMEC, first of all, aims to train specialists with new methods in the sector. For this 50 scientific sessions related to academic training were held within the framework of the event, and, of course, to demonstrate novelties of constantly developing technologies. Thus, HelloMonaco came to visit the exhibition of aesthetic medicine in order to get acquainted with the latest innovations of this year.

Fillers: Neauvia organic

The list of innovative products is opened by the Italian brand, based in Milan – Neauvia. The idea of ​​creating a brand speaks for itself even in the title: “Nea” – new and “Via” – the way. This is a revolution in the filler market, because their research and development centre constantly monitors the latest technologies of the 21st century and successfully brings them into action. Alessandro Gariboldi, a representative of the brand, explained what makes the Neauvia filler distinctive from its competitors.



“The difference between Neauvia fillers and the rest of the products is that all fillers on the market are made from the same raw material (the same hyaluronic acid and similar cross linker). Neauvia presents a new source of hyaluronic acid, derived from various bacteria (probiotics). We can say that our composition is the most organic and clean. The cross linkers in our case give the best quality characteristics to the product. For example, our filler becomes resistant to heat and mechanical stress, so the client can freely visit other procedures, for example, laser or radio frequency therapy, without consequences. Other fillers are easy to palpate, but our filler, due to special components, cannot be felt in the subcutaneous tissues, that’s why the appearance of the patient always remains as natural as possible due to full biointegration. In addition, the swelling after the injection of our filler is almost invisible, compared to any other injection.

To attract a male audience, we have developed a line of fillers for men only, because they need specially adapted products. Obviously, men have thicker skin and deeper falls, so the injection should also have a more dense structure.”

Photo camera: Quantificare

The 3-D “Quantificare” camera developed  in Sofia-Antipolis for physicians, dermatologists and plastic surgeons gives an opportunity to see not only the desired result of the surgery, but also to control the quantity of injections that patient received before. HelloMonaco managed to talk with the official representative of the brand:

“This is a very innovative camera, in which we use stereo vision technology. This means that the camera works the same way as a person’s eyes. Instead of making one photo, we do two. Thanks to our latest technology we can see the patient in 3-D.

Europe, the Aesthetic & Anti-aging Medicine European Congress. AMEC

This camera has many different functions, for example, if the patient had some injections, we will see this immediately on the image; besides, our application will calculate the amount of filler that was introduced earlier, and calculate how much should be added. This makes life easier for doctors, because after injections of Botox, the patient must undergo a check-up in six months to find out if a second injection is required.

We can also do simulations of face and body corrections to see the exact result of possible aesthetic surgery. We wanted to create a platform to help the doctor communicate with the patient and let the patient know how it will look after the surgery.”

Micro-needling: Nanopore

Celine, the representative of the Spanish brand Sesderma, spoke about the new technology of micro-needling with Nanopore Stylus 02.

Europe, the Aesthetic & Anti-aging Medicine European Congress. AMEC

“This machine is used to treat all skin pathologies (from scars and acne to anti-aging and anti-cellulite procedures). Also, according to our unique technology, several diseases can be treated simultaneously, combining skin perforation with specially developed products. Nanopore has a very powerful engine that allows you to make a large number of punctures in a short period of time and as a result, the patient does not feel pain and the zone does not bleed. For this procedure, you do not need any painkillers, and even after that, healing creams are not needed. Linear needles help to perform the procedure much faster, since whole zones are treated.”

Classys/Ultraformer 3 hardware facelift and body contouring

Korean brand Classys specialises in hardware facelift and body contouring under the influence of heat. According to the sales manager, the device has one of the newest technologies.

Europe, the Aesthetic & Anti-aging Medicine European Congress. AMEC

“Our device is used for one of the most effective technologies of body contouring, where fat cells are destroyed by heat. A few treatments are enough to achieve the desired result! The procedure is absolutely painless, which is its unique feature. In addition, the procedure is quite fast, as processing one zone takes about 10-15 minutes.”

LC Cell Hair Solution

Brittany, a Florida brand representative, talks about the key substance of their hair care products:

“We specialise in technology using human stem cells. This is an excellent solution for hair loss and stimulation of their growth. We are the only brand that uses human stem cells as a key active substance. It really works, because we have 80-year-old customers, and their hair really continues to grow! It sounds incredible, but it’s true!”


Jalevel Monaco

Biodegradable gel Jalevel for biorevitalization is used to moisturize the skin, prevent wrinkles, and give the skin a healthier look. Natalia, a specialist of the brand, spoke about the characteristics of the filler:

“For today, we are the only manufacturer of biorevitalization gels in the Principality. The company recently appeared, but has already demonstrated very good results. For example, there is no redness or negative reactions during the injection procedure, which is often found in other analogue injections, which means that the hyaluronic acid that we use is very-very pure”

Europe, the Aesthetic & Anti-aging Medicine European Congress. AMEC

Universkin: Revolutionary individual cosmetology products

Universkin is a revolutionary complex treatment for all types of skin diseases. A distinctive feature of the brand is an individual approach, which is provided to the patient after a professional examination. The brand, based in Nice, has developed an interesting “multi-coloured” approach to the selection of treatment for the patient. Christel, a representative of the French brand shared the basis of treatment:

“We do not supply the final product, because the base of each consists of serum and different active elements (against dry skin, acne, redness, pigmentation), which are added individually after professional skin diagnosis. Each ingredient is presented in its individual colour, redness is a red selection of constituents, pigmentation is brown…

Europe, the Aesthetic & Anti-aging Medicine European Congress. AMEC

As a result, we get a complex cosmetic remedy that is completely adapted to the patient’s skin. This cosmetic was developed exclusively for doctors, since before its application, the analysis of the patient’s skin is necessary. The brand was founded by doctors and it’s known for its global approach to skin care and incredible results after the procedure.”


The Belgian brand introduced the 5th generation of the CryoPen, a device that instantly removes all benign skin lesions. Luciano, a specialist from Belgium, told us what makes the device special:

Europe, the Aesthetic & Anti-aging Medicine European Congress. AMEC

“With CryoPen, you can remove all kinds of benign skin lesions. We included microtechnology in cryotherapy. This allows doctors, dermatologists and even gynaecologists, to deal with various skin problems. The doctor, treating the affected area, reduces the temperature of the supplied liquid from +37 to -27 degrees. At this temperature the cell explodes, as water increases in its volume, becoming ice. This is a physically natural process, and the patient does not feel pain, moreover, the procedure takes only a few seconds. So it’s safe for the doctor and well tolerated by the patient. The device is recommended by the Association of Dermatologists of the EU.”

MostLed light-therapy

Damien Vila, who specialises in light therapy, described how LED affects the human body and what is special about MostLed products:

“The LED is playing on the cells of our body to get stimulation and activate the ability of the cells to vibrate. This process is called photobiomodulation (it is a form of light therapy that uses light-emitting diodes). Unfortunately, the whole process is not yet totally decoded. Some researchers talk about resonance phenomena, and it seems that our body really works as a machine (in physics there is a machine and there is a wave created by it, and if you can produce a similar wave next to it, a resonancewill appear). In our body there is a connection between the cells and what is important is to cause a reaction. Interestingly, the LED machine demonstrates incredible results in the treatment against stretch marks, despite the fact that this was not the main purpose of the device. But obviously it works!”

Europe, the Aesthetic & Anti-aging Medicine European Congress. AMEC


To finalise our list of the innovations, Celine, the representative of the Spanish brand told us about the innovative technology intreating the signs of aging:

“All the products of our brand belong to a pharmaceutical group. This indicates that our product is completely safe. The innovation of Mesoestetic is the mixing of mesotherapy with excipients. We support the idea of ​​obtaining a natural result, even if we are dealing with anti-aging manipulation. Instead of using heavy medicine, we introduce a small amount of a mixture of mesophyll with polynucleotides and mesoigen NCTC 109 (vitamins, amino acids…). This procedure should be repeated a maximum of 5 times, after which you get a completely natural result (this is also ideal for improving the elasticity of the skin on your hands). The advantage is that after the procedure there are no signs of injection, neither bleeding, nor inflammation, which facilitates the rehabilitation of the patient.”

Europe, the Aesthetic & Anti-aging Medicine European Congress. AMEC

The biggest beauty convention in Europe was held until 17 September at the Grimaldi Forum in Monaco.

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