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International Bouquet Contest in Monaco

The annual International Bouquet contest was held in Monaco, Fontvieille, on June 10 -11, it was organized by the Garden Club of Monaco with the support of Princess Caroline.

50th Monaco Flower Contest

Princess Grace founded the Garden Club of Monaco in 1968. She was known to be so fond of flowers that she created and prepared her own floral arrangements. She wanted people who shared her passion to develop their own skills and pass it on to others. It is therefore not surprising that the 50th jubilee bouquet competition was called “Tribute to Princess Grace“.

annual International Bouquet contest

This year, the Fontvieille space hosted 128 participants (35 more than in 2016) from 8 countries: Monaco, France, Italy, Belgium, Japan, Switzerland, Portugal and Spain. According to Caroline Calais, Secretary of the Garden Club, many participants returned to the competition after a 10-year break. This was an opportunity for them to show their respect for Princess Grace and her magnificent idea of the garden club, as well as once again testify their own love of flowers.

annual International Bouquet contest

The flower compositions were split into 9 categories: “Monochrome”, “Wall miniature”, “Peonies”, “Zodiac signs”, “Birthday table decoration”, “Balcony Garden (a suspended composition)”, “Ikebana”, “Garden Roses”, “Candelabra or candlesticks “.

annual International Bouquet contest

The competition was mostly made up of amateur participants, as the professionals only took part in the “Monochrome” category. All the compositions were made by the participants on the spot, without any assistance. Although they were able to pick any type of flower, most of them chose roses. This was highly symbolic as Princess Grace is known to have adored these flowers. In fact, her wedding gift was the “Princess de Monaco” rose from the flower house of Mejean.

annual International Bouquet contest

Simon Pruse, President of the “Bamboo” club in Toulouse chose the pink roses: “I’ve been taking part in the competition for 32 years. There haven’t been that many competitors for a long time. Last year I was the winner of the Princess Grace Grand Prix. I hope to be as lucky this year!”.

Simon Pruse
Simon Pruse

Sadly, Madame Pruse did not get such an honor this year, as the jury considered her “Monochrome” composition more vintage looking, rather than classical as required. The winner was Chantal Dufour with her rather modern composition in the category of «Zodiac signs». The jury appreciated her restrained and elegant creation; harmoniously combining the calla lilies, effusive rush and lamb’s ears.

annual International Bouquet contest
The Winner Bouquet in the category of “Zodiac signs”


Any floral art enthusiast is able to present their composition at this International competition –all you have to do is register on the Monaco Garden Club website. Registration starts 6 months before the event and closes 2 weeks prior to the event. So don’t miss it next year as a participant or a visitor.

Princess Caroline visited 50th Monaco Flower Contest
Princess Caroline and the winner Chantal Dufour with her composition in the category of «Zodiac signs»
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