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International School of Monaco Forges a World-Class Alliance

With all the debate on how important it is for children to have direct live access to their teachers, parents of children attending the International School of Monaco (ISM) are fortunate that it it has been the first to open and start live classes – as they follow the calendar and prepare for the International Baccalaureate.

Holidays behind them, the vast majority of the 670 students are back studying in class – and they range from age three to 18 year old, namely kindergarten to high school (Terminale). And the vast majority, that is the 5 year olds and up will have just one thing between themselves and their teachers that differ from prior years – a mask to wear with their uniforms of white polo shirts and navy blue Bermuda shorts.

Health Measures

Many private schools in Europe will have struggled or even been defeated by the rigorous approach to protecting health adopted by ISM on Quai Antoine 1. This includes social distancing, hydroalcoholic gel dispensers, plexiglass separators between tables in the canteen, and upgrading of all air conditioning air filters. And the ubiquitous compulsory wearing of masks for teachers as well as all their students from 5 years old and up. 

A minority of the kids – of the order of just 30 or so children – will be impacted by their own countries’ quarantine constraints and will have to follow a distance learning program, but a comprehensive one. This also serves as a well-tested fall-back for all the children, if there is ever another health crisis. Education must go on in good times and difficult times. ISM is prepared. 

International School of Monaco Forges a World-Class Alliance

A Ground-Breaking Partnership with King’s College

Some leading press sources have described it as the best independent school in London. It is King’s College School. And International School of Monaco has just signed a unique partnership to collaborate with King’s. From this year, the two establishments will start a close collaboration that has many advantages. 

Recognized as world class with academic results to show for it, King’s College is at the same standard to which ISM aspires. 

That serves as strong signal that educational standards in Monaco will be second to none. The collaboration will provide win/win opportunities for exchanges; for staff and training sessions with teams in Monaco and the U.K.

International School of Monaco Forges a World-Class Alliance

ISM Results To Be Proud Of 

The International Baccalaureate diploma taught at ISM facilitates access to the leading Universities and “grandes écoles” in Europe and internationally . For example, it is reported that two students from Monaco this year were accepted at the University of Oxford in the U.K. 

But importantly there are broader personal goals for lifetime success – that the children be balanced and be happy, independent and confident without being arrogant.

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