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Jean Paul Belmondo Lights up the Principality, a Fiery Flame at is side

One too beautiful to be shared, the other too charismatic, too much of an icon not to be shared. 

Jean-Paul Belmondo is back in his favourite haunts in Monaco and on the Côte d’Azur, his fiery flame, the Brazilian Carlos Sotto Mayor at his side. Memories also of Brigitte Bardot and as it’s Monaco where he’s seen dining, memories of the 007 beauties he’s frequented like Ursula Andress. But the actress and singer Carlos Sotto Mayor, one imagines, has surely always wanted him all to herself. And this evening there seems perfect harmony between them like it was once more than thirty or so years ago. 

If you rushed to one of his favourite oases in Monaco, the Monte Carlo Beach to see him you would have missed him this time around.

Better to have reserved a table at La Table d´Élise in the Portier district where Alberte and Jean-Pierre Escande welcomed their exceptional guest this last week. Jean-Paul Belmondo clearly delighted to be in the Monegasque ambiance he loves so much for a heavenly evening.

Even the Covid19 pandemic cannot dampen the magic of celebrity, glamour and electrifying personality that Jean Paul aka everyone’s “Belbel” radiates. Images of the 60s, 70’s and 80’s come roaring back. Reportedly Frédéric Ridolfi of the Route 66 Group inspired this specific invitation which he buzzed in to from Alassio in Liguria.

The romance between Jean-Paul Belmondo and Carlos Sotto Mayor was ignited during the filming of Le Marginal released in 1983. After at least three films together and more than five years of love, the pair finally decided to separate toward the end of the 80s but appear to have rejuvenated their warm friendship of yesteryear this summer under the sun of the Côte d’Azur. 

They’ve been seen also enjoying a rapturous ride in a convertible Cadillac, hair blowing in the wind, Carlos Sotto Mayor driving along the coast and Jean-Paul Belmondo enjoying the scenic vistas – a happy reunion.

La Table d´Élise (in memory of Jean-Pierre’s grandmother) has restaurant reviews raving over its latest dishes like socca niçoise with roasted asparagus and real Monegasque stockfish and the roast sea bass with artichokes barigoule – which they say “make the cicadas sing” as they brighten up the palate. Even better that it made Belbel’s and Carlos Sotto Mayor’s hearts sing. 

Confinement, even in his splendid Paris apartment during this unique Covid year, is long forgotten when either in the Principality or Saint-Tropez, at the Da Laura restaurant in Mougins, or at the Michelangelo in Antibes.

Often in casual clothes, sunglasses glinting, the two actors are relaxing on the Mediterranean coast with space to breathe and an opportunity to treasure memories of their tender years of idyll.

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