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Jimmy’z re-opens after Nine Months to Reveal Stunning Renovations

After nine months of works, the disco re-opens for the season in a renewed atmosphere that places particular emphasis on outdoor spaces and the lagoon.

After four decades of partying, Jimmy’z needed a good facelift. Closed in October 2016, the old discotheque has been peeled away to unveil a new and modernized space for night owls. Guests will be surprised upon arrival. The entrance is now by the gardens, guests will have to cross a green wall to join the dance floor. This is the highlight of the facelift: highlighting the outdoor space of the disco. And its famous lagoon. Several tables surround the waterfront now, so guests can enjoy the evening outdoors, while accessing the ambience inside. “We wanted to keep it so that regulars would recognize the place they used to love, that was the challenge,” explained Didier Boidin, General Manager of SBM’s operations.


The new design, by Samy Chams, plays with greys and blues on the banquettes embellished with the mythical ashtray tables of the night club. If the backlit floor has disappeared, the ceiling has been raised by one meter to give space to the club. And technology has made its entrance. “New sound and video really makes the avant-garde discotheque we have imagined,” continues Didier Boidin. The lighting system is designed for big shows, hosting some 800 guests. “The capacity has not changed but we have worked on the comfort of the customer.” With many VIP sections, including the one decorated by Philipp Plein, already existing and dominated by a skull in rhinestones. And a new Dom Perignon space with a round table could quickly become the most sought-after space of the season. “The result of the work is extraordinary, it gives us energy to start the season,” smiled the director of spaces, Antonio Ierone, who is at the head of a team of forty people renewed to run the club 7 days a week until the 7th of October. On this date, Jimmy’z will close again for the winter and work behind the scenes until March 2018.

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