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Ladies Rally Vintage Car charity event 2018: goal reached

Recently on a September weekend a very significant event took place in Monaco. 85 ladies dressed in colourful retro outfits got together and moreover, driving some exceptional collector’s cars. This was the 5th female rally, founded by the Child CARE Monaco organisation, pursuing its main goal of charity. This Car Rally raises funds for the association’s Sneh Girls School in Tresta Village in Rajasthan, India built by the association in 2015.

At the finish line at the Place du Palais about 50 vintage cars were parked and the spirit of the competition began to fade. The Award ceremony took place in front of the Prince’s palace. This year the race helped to raise 15 000 euro, so the organizers are happy that the goal they were aiming at is reached. After the event Martine Ackermann, the founder of Child CARE Monaco, shared with HelloMonaco her impressions, whether everything went according to the plan and whether she was happy with the results of the rally.

5th female rally, founded by the Child CARE Monaco

HellMonaco: How do you feel at the end of the event, now that it is very successful?

Martine Ackermann: When it is the end of the day, I feel exhausted but otherwise I’m very happy because all the girls had good time for the great cause, and the cause is the education of the girls in India, twenty four hour school because Child Care Monaco is building a school in India and we organize this race every year.

5th female rally, founded by the Child CARE Monaco

HM: How many participants took part in the rally this year, any countries specifically or any nationalities?

Martine Ackermann: There are more than twenty nationalities – girls came from America, from Scandinavia, Belgium, girls came from many places. It is very international.

HM: Any special guests for the final evening event?

Martine Ackermann: I was talking to Mr. Cellario, the Minister, Mr. Stephane Valerie from the Conseil National, Monsieur Pastor deputy delegate of the Mayor. Yes, a lot of people from the Government, because the Government is taking part.

5th female rally, founded by the Child CARE Monaco

HM: We know it is a charity event, what for are you going to donate from all the proceeds we have made tonight?

Martine Ackermann: With this money we have the idea to create a sanctuary in the school. We would like also to create two more classrooms for the boys. Though it is the girls school, but we would like to have the boys as well. So, we will create two new classrooms.

HM: They always say that women cannot be good drivers. What do you think about it?

Martine Ackermann: No that is wrong. Forget it. Those kinds of cars are very difficult to drive and I can tell you that all the girls did a great job. It’s a tough sport. That is not easy. The men are jealous.

5th female rally, founded by the Child CARE Monaco

HM: Did you implement any rules, any new routes, new changes for this year?

Martine Ackermann: Every year is different, we have a Road Book. They follow the Road book. One year we were in Italy. Another year we were in the Castle of Nice. This year we were in Île Saint-Honorat. Next year I won’t tell you. Every year there is a new theme and a new route.

5th female rally, founded by the Child CARE Monaco

HM: Why is it so important to bring all the women, all in one course?

Martine Ackermann: It’s women in solidarity with women from other countries. It’s not so much a question of woman, rather it is the power of women, it’s about empowering women.

All in all, this retro female rally seems to have been a great success and has surely raised generous funds and awareness for the needs of the school in India, which will be fortunate to receive their needed equipment.

5th female rally, founded by the Child CARE Monaco

Let’s hope that the honourable charity mission of Child CARE Monaco will be successfully brought to an end and, of course, we will be looking forward to the 6th women’s rally with even more participants and wonderful cars.

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