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Look ahead to New Health and Social Projects

Didier Gamerdinger, the Minister of Health and Social Affairs, met recently with the press to unveil a summary of his first year in Health and Social Affairs; and to look ahead to new projects in the upcoming months.

➢ On the subject of social dialogue, the Minister considers that his role is to accompany social dialogue, for the dignity of employees, while applying the law: “Even if points of view diverge, social partners exchange and display mutual listening in an intelligent manner. For concrete matters, the Government ensures that follow-ups and dialogue exchanges are at a good level.”
➢ French tax reform for withholding tax: “Monaco will not be affected. Monegasque employers will not have to send any information to France.”
➢ Night work: Around the bill that will be presented to the National Council at the end of the year, which concerns about 9,000 employees in the Principality, the Minister notes a convergence of views, with the main idea being to compensate with additional rest periods. The law will apply to the private sector.
➢ Fight against undeclared work: “These controls are effective and the employers react well.” This year, 540 checks were made during the Grand Prix and there is a rate of 3.8% undeclared work from all controls conducted since last summer.
➢ At the health level, a Convention signing is in progress between the CHPG and the Monaco Scientific Centre: “The aim is to ensure that the CHPG is in a partnership network”.

Mr. Gamerdinger mentioned Patrick Bini’s upcoming retirement and underlined that he had perfectly fulfilled his role and contributed to the development of the establishment.

➢ Since taking office, professional medical visits remain a priority for the Health Minister, in order to optimize prevention.
➢ A new project supporting young people’s mental health:
The idea is to create a reception centre for children and teenagers: “this project, aimed at children enrolled in the Principality, is to create a reception unit for children with severe behavioural disorders, which includes psychological care, an education program and facilitating artistic expression for about ten young people.” Included in the project is the creation of a micro-unit for teenagers in psychiatry services at the CHPG.
➢ Disability: the Minister announced the creation of a new disability allowance for disabled seniors, as well as a project to create a senior residence in a neighbouring municipality.
➢ Telecommuting: The Adviser would like telecommuting to expand from the private sector to public officials. Likewise, it is relaunching the legal system to allow Italian people to work remotely.
➢ Health: the Minister would like to create a state digital safe that will collect patients’ medical files, which will allow them to have permanent access to them.
➢ Legislative: bills are being studied concerning:
– organ removal
– end of life
– health professionals
– night work
– social benefits.

The Minister will soon be speaking on Monaco Info about the issues of e-health.

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