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Making drinking water out of air

A revolutionary machine designed to trap moisture from the air and transform it into drinking water was donated to the Prince Albert II of Monaco Foundation. In areas where humidity and temperature are high, this equipment can provide potable water to entire villages.

“It’s a machine that extracts humidity from the air, a sponge which fills with water is pressed so the water can descend.  The machine creates completely potable water, which we can drink, this equipment serves to help countries where drinking water is rare, where water is polluted, or where populations cannot conveniently find water,” said Graziano Giacomini, Founding President of the SEAS Association, which manufactures the machine.

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco
HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco

The collaboration with the Prince Albert II Foundation was born through working with the Association UnaKids. “This collaboration is the start of a long series of operations which we envision for this machine, which can create 250 liters of potable water per day for a small community.  We also have larger machines, for larger communities around the world,” said Graziano Giacomini.

The initiative is a collaboration between SEAS and the UnaKids Association, which presented the machine to the Prince Albert II Foundation. The Sovereign travelled to a meeting of representatives from the different entities before the new machine was presented to his foundation.

HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco
HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco

“Through the links we had established with the responsible president of UnaKids, who came to see us a few months ago, we proposed to have a SEAS machine put at the disposal of the foundation to use in one of our projects in a country where conditions permit the optimal use of the machine. We quickly had a positive response thanks to everyone at SEAS.  The apparatus which, as you can see, is compact and can be used relatively easily, was presented to the Sovereign Prince,” said Bernard Fautrier, Vice-President of the Prince Albert II Foundation.

The Foundation will be sending this water machine to Burkina Faso, a country in Africa. It will be made available to the Burkina Faso Red Cross training center, which was constructed using the structure from the Monaco Pavilion during the Milan Expo.

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