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Making young artists’ dreams come true at Rivier’Art

From October 7 to 14, they will put on a new event in partnership with the City entitled: Menton Rivier’Art. A hybrid between exhibition and art competition, punctuated with animations and performances. About 60 artists will be exhibited at the Palais de l’Europe. No age limit or nationality restrictions and open to any artistic medium. For the founder of the association, Luc Moulinas (who himself was given a career-saving boost to set up a restaurant 20 years ago) it is only important to reveal the seeds of geniuses.

‘Give-and-take’ approach

Known more for helping young athletes, the Monegasque association Be YOU has recently set itself the task of browsing through the art world in order to discover hidden talents.

Luc Moulinas said that their philosophy is to put forward people who are not known. Even for artists the employment world has changed in 2017. Those who cannot put themselves forward alone cannot get out there. Today we would like art to become palpable, accessible again; people want to go out and experience art… and buy it.

Far from the institutional side of the galleries, without focusing on a single artist. Luc Moulinas wants a firework display, he dreams of wowing everyone, as he says himself. The ten members of the jury would be in charge of finding names known or unknown to the general public. None other than sculptor Matéo Mornar was the godfather of this first edition. The organizers’s idea was to tell the successful artists: You were lucky once, it’s up to you to help now. The criteria attached to the chosen works will involve, above all, emotional response.

Luc Moulinas compares it to wine, as it’s not always necessary to have years of oenology experience to say that something pleases you.

Giving the example of the artist-painter Cali, who he adores, to the point of entering her in the circle of the happy few supported by Be YOU. And she’ll also be part of the jury. In a ‘give-and-take’ approach, the selected artists will each have to donate a piece to the association, which will be auctioned at the closing gala dinner, in order to ensure the self-financing of the structure.

The candidates won’t have to pay to participate. At the end of the week, the jury will also announce the winners. Who will be offered a €10,000 grant, a place within the association, or another opportunity to exhibit in Monaco during the year 2018. More than 150 artists (sculptors, drawers, painters, photographers, street artists) have already applied. Some from Australia, Hong Kong and Norway. After the great return of the UMAM to Menton (Mediterranean Union for Modern Art), with the barely veiled intention of making it an artistic capital, this new event could contribute to the cultural renewal of the city. Whose motto, Artium Civitas (city of the arts) cannot be neglected.

Be YOU Monaco supports new geniuses

Founded in August 2016, the Monegasque association Be YOU specializes in supporting and accompanying young talent in the fields of sport and art. Managing all practical and financial matters, so that they only have to focus on their gift. In turn, the talents supported by Be YOU support new geniuses having difficulty making themselves known.

Information, program and registration (until 6 September):

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