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Monaco Boxing Challenge: Bloody Battles at Espace Léo Ferré

Both Monegasque fighters Natchoo and Micallef prevail in yet another outstanding boxing event staged in the Principality.

Friday at the Espace Leo-Ferre was a glorious start to the night in the amateur bouts with Monaco’s brightest hope for the future, Hugo Micallef shining as expected in his victory over the Belgian fighter Stefan Voda.

Micallef did not disappoint, outclassing his opponent, and the Asemists wildly cheered their hero who, if he fulfils his promise (and who would bet against it ), is a prime contender for the 2020 games in Tokyo. Go Monaco!

Not to be outdone in the Professional Fight section of THE MONACO BOXING CHALLENGE, 25 year old Monegasque middle-weight Diego Natchoo dispatched the 40 year old Slovak RatislavFrano in just 3 rounds. The large tattoo on his back resplendent and signifying defiance the Indian master danced around his opponent jabbing and parrying seemingly faster than a cobra striking its prey.  Increasing in confidence, blow after blow from Natchoo landing on target, the referee stopped the fight in the third round and declared Natchoo victorious by a KO. Assured and beaming Natchoo was reported as having credited his dominance in the fight to a calm determination and precision punching at the highest level in his career to-date.

Monaco Boxing Challenge

The home favourite lifted his arms, spurred on by his supporters, embracing his victory under the lights, serene and powerful.

The evening belonged to Monaco and the Asemists but French and Italian fighters also made their mark and entertained the boisterous crowd:

The Frenchman Vincent Legrand made short work of his opponent in the super bantam-weight category. Blow after blow landing at a furious pace the Hungarian Ajtai could only expect an inglorious finale to his torment – and mercifully it came with a second round KO, blood pouring from his face into the ring. Legrand – the victor.

Evenly matched, the bout between the Frenchman Bastien Ballesta and the Italian Ciprian Albert went the distance in the super light-weight category. The victory ultimately was awarded on points to the Frenchman, who was reported to be relieved having been away from boxing for several months. Blood and sweat adorned the features of the Italian who it must be said deserves credit for a solid performance in keeping his adversary stretched to the limit for 12 rounds.

Monaco Boxing Challenge

The evening ended with the WBA Continental middleweight fight between Frenchman Andrew Francillette et l’Italien Alessandro  Goddi. This time the Italian supporters had reason to cheer as Goddi won narrowly on points. Even though in the 7th round the Frenchman knocked Goddi to the floor, the Italian was quick to his feet and eventually punched his way to victory.

And so the 9th year of THE MONACO BOXING CHALLENGE paves the way for a very bright future. Supporters eagerly await next year’s BOXING CHALLENGE and the prospect of Monegasque fighters yet again walking away with the prized laurels. In this year’s CHALLENGE Hugo Micallef and Diego Natchoo have dazzled the audience and done Monaco proud.  HelloMonaco salutes them!

The Full Results:

Hugo Micallef (AS Monaco) Vs Catalin Stefan Coda (Belgium)
Winner in points: Hugo Micallef (AS Monaco)

Vincent Legrand (USO Boxing Club Bruaysien, France) vs. SzilveszterAjtai (Hungary)
Winner: Vincent Legrand (USO Boxing Club Bruaysien, France) by referee stoppage in the 2nd round.

Bastien Ballesta (Beziers, France) vs. Ciprian Albert (Italy)
Winner in points: Bastien Ballesta (Beziers, France)

Diego Natchoo (AS Monaco) vs. Rastislav Frano (Slovakia)
Winner: Diego Natchoo (AS Monaco) by K-O in the 3rd round

Andrew Francillette (Saint Ouen, France) vs. Alessandro Goddi (Italy)
Winner in points: Alessandro Goddi (Italy)

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