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Monaco Chef Celebrates Chinese New Year with Gold and Silver Medals

It’s not just French and Italian food that Monaco is famous for. And ever since Marco Polo visited China there has been fierce competition over whether European cuisine or Asian cuisine is the finest in the world. Luckily in Monaco we are spoiled for choice. 

And if we said Asian food you might even think of Monte Carlo’s famous Sushi at Yoshi or fusion cuisine at Buddha Bar or Twiga. With the Chinese New Year here thoughts though turn to the finest Chinese cuisine. Did you know that Monaco had just been represented in a world competition for Asian cuisine, which was held in the native country of a famous Malaysian Chef here in Monaco. Chefs from all over the globe congregated to compete making an array of specific dishes of Asian cuisine.

Monaco Chef Celebrates Chinese New Year with Gold and Silver Medals

And the Chef from Song Qi, Chai Chee Yu won gold and silver. He distinguished himself to the tune of two gold medals and two silver medals. And word is that soon in Song Qi, at least one of his medal winning dishes will be on the menu. We can’t wait to taste this satay fried rice associated with “lemon caviar.” Praise is also flowing in from restaurant reviews from happy customers on a host of dishes on the Chinese New Year Menu at Song Qi. 

“Duck lettuce wraps for starters, Dim Sum as always, Kung Po Lapin spicy and excellent, crispy dragon shrimps with a mustard sauce, triple chocolate for desert.”

Five years at Song Qi and Chef Chai Chee Yu on this New Year has a special reason to feel at home in Monaco with his fellow medalled chefs and gourmet diners celebrating his success. 

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