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Monaco civil statistics: Sofia and Gabriel most popular baby names

One of the main civil statistics for the last year reported 938 births and 503 deaths in the Principality.

Monegasque land must have been somewhat less fertile in 2016. With 1,067 births in 2015, there were only 938 in 2016. This is one of the main figures from Civil communal services, which have just released their statistics for the Principality.

Out of the 938 babies born in Monaco in 2016, there were 474 girls and 464 boys.

The top 5 names given in 2016 were: Sofia, Chiara, Chloé, Lola and Anna for girls, Gabriel, Aaron, Léo, Matteo and Jules for the boys. These babies were all born at CHPG Maternity, with two exceptions.The Civil Registry, which records all information relating to parents, reported that 489 births came from marital unions and 449 children were born out of wedlock.

Marriages declining, divorces on the rise

 In terms of place of residence, 256 families were domiciled in Monaco, while the 682 other births concerned parents domiciled outside the Principality: Menton (229), Roquebrune-Cap-Martin (109) and Beausoleil (102). The other vital statistics for 2016 show 503 deaths (250 women and 253 men), compared with 595 in 2015. More than 90% of deaths occurred in hospitals or clinics.

Finally, in line with the 2016 trend, the amount of marriages declined: 193 versus 213 in 2015. Two marriages united two persons of Monegasque nationality, while 36 Monegasque men married a woman of foreign nationality, and 32 Monegasque women chose a foreign spouse.

The number of divorces has increased with 89 registered divorces in 2016 versus 74 in 2015.

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