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Monaco Club’s Pole Vault Record is Broken after 3 Years during PACA Regional Championships

Thirty Monegasque athletes, thereabouts, made their mark at the athletics championships in Miramas Bouche du Rhône in both the indoor pre-regional and regional PACA masters championships. It’s always a delight for the press to see records broken and the boys broke a club record with Jean Woloch, in the pole vault, leaping clear over the 5.30m bar. Cadogan Abada was the previous holder of the record which held firm for over three years at 5.11m since July 2019.

Outstanding Women’s Performances

On the women’s side, the excellent performances picked up by the press included Olivia Vild with a notable triple jump just a tad short of 12 metres at 11.96m.

Charlotte Afriat, who competed for Monaco at the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo attacked the 60 metres and 200 metres with times of 8’02 and 27″48 respectively.

Charlotte represented Monaco at the 2018 Mediterranean Games held in Tarragona, Spain and she finished in 11th place in the women’s 100 metres event. In the same year, she also competed in the girls’ 100 metres at the Summer Youth Olympics held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. She was the flag bearer for Monaco during the opening ceremony of the 2018 Summer Youth Olympics. She also competed in the women’s 100 metres event at the 2019 Games of the Small States of Europe held in Budva, Montenegro.

In 2021, she competed in the women’s 100 metres event at the 2020 Summer Olympics held in Tokyo, Japan. She was the only athlete to represent Monaco in athletics at the 2020 Summer Olympics.

Continuing with the notable regional results picked up by the press Jessica Woloch-Ratti raced two grueling laps for a 400m time of 60″15.

There was a noteworthy performance in the 800m cadets where Ines Brunel distinguished herself in 2’26″01 and then her sister Youna Brunel pulled off a time of 2’33″25.

Back to the youngsters:

For the short sprint Thomas Carreda crossed the 60 metre finish line in 6″98 and the 200m finish line in 22″ 41.

Axel Remy, raced the 60m hurdles in 8″32 with a time of 7’’52 over 60m. Julian Kylian Vatican ran the 60m in 7″34. Thomas Mironenko Durier ran the 400m crossing the line in 51″80 and the next day, over 200m, a good 23″18.

And then the juniors:

In the 800m juniors Karim Sfaxi completed the four 200m laps in a final time of2’00″22.

Jamal Baaziz attempted the 800m-1,500m double. He completed both distances in 2’05″36 and 4’17” 67 respectively.

Congratulations to all the Monegasque Athletes who took part.

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