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Monaco Economic Board Boosts Its Resources and Puts Itself Under The Microscope

There has been a major vote of confidence in the Monaco Economic Board with an eye-catching increase in the Principality’s contribution to its budget of 400.000 euros. That’s just over a 40% increase, taking the Government’s total subsidy of the MEB’s activities to 1.39 million euros. That’s good news for the organisation newly led for a year by Chief Executive Guillaume Rose and for its President and Chairman Michel Dotta.

They have just convened a meeting spanning the major organizations and principal stakeholders and members – 400 leaders in their field joined together in the Arts Room at One Monte Carlo and included in their midst was Minister of Finance and the Economy, Jean Castellini.

Monaco Economic Board Boosts Its Resources

With financial injections goes responsibility. Guillaume Rose has been quick to pose the question – what is the MEB’s contribution to the Principality. How can it show the Government that their investment is well spent and getting a justifiable return.

So hot from the press so as to speak Guillaume Rose virtually pressed a mass email button as he convened with the group asking them to quickly respond to a questionnaire designed to help the MEB prioritize and optimize its activities to make the impact for the Principality that is expected of it.

The results for its over 500 members will be presented very quickly on the day of the next general meeting – which is already in sight. It will be on March 19th at the Café de Paris. Thirty questions are asked of the leaders. They relate in particular to the mission of the MEB and how to account for and evaluate its actions: including the important economic missions, the impact of its economic conferences, evaluations of its promotion operations abroad, and its membership itself and who should be included.

Monaco Economic Board Boosts Its Resources

The survey also seeks a better insight of the economic environment in which member companies operate and what they need from the MEB to grow. The results of the Survey should guide suitable actions in the future to increase return on investment for its members and for the Government and the Principality as a whole.

Meanwhile the clock is ticking in 2020 and at MEB “the show must go on”! – including already scheduled Economic missions to:

Novosibirsk (Russia, March 18-21); Paris and Versailles (France, March 30-31); Rome and Florence (Italy, May 26-27); St. Petersburg (Russia, May 31-June 4); London (England, June 11-13); Budapest (Hungary, July 24-25) Toronto (Canada, September 14-18); Tokyo (Japan, November 4-8).

Monaco Economic Board Boosts Its Resources

And also specific Promotion operations:

London (February 6), Washington (April 29-May 1), Antibes (June 5), Geneva (June 25-26).

While at the same time to squeeze 24/7 out of every week there are:

Economic conferences, the welcoming of foreign delegations and Members’ meetings.

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