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Monaco Energie Renouvelables (M.E.R.): five new photovoltaic power stations

To support the Principality’s transition towards energy independence by 2025, in 2017 the Prince’s Government and SMEG (Société Monégasque de l’Electricité et du Gaz, supplier of electricity and gas in the Principality) joined forces to create M.E.R. To best cover the Principality’s consumption curve, a targeted mix of technologies has been identified by the Prince’s Government, including solar, wind and hydropower.

In line with this goal, the company has recently purchased five additional photovoltaic power stations with generation capacity of 53 megawatt-peak (MWp),” announced Samy Touati, CEO of M.E.R. “The facilities, which are located in Côte-d’Or, Haute-Vienne, Landes and Gard, will generate a total of 65,000 MWh per year, or around 12% of the Principality of Monaco’s electricity consumption.” By the end of 2021, M.E.R. will own 15 photovoltaic power stations.

This major new initiative will increase the total power of the facilities owned by M.E.R. to 128 MWp (106 MW of photovoltaic power and 22 MW of wind power), together generating 184 GWh per year, or 34% of the Principality’s electricity consumption.

Thomas Battaglione, Director and CEO of SMEG and Managing Director of M.E.R., explained: “Every step forward taken by M.E.R. is a source of great pride for the teams at SMEG, who contribute their expertise in renewable energy, identifying the best options for development and ensuring the best possible operating performance.” Adds Samy Touati: “We are investing in power stations regardless of the stage they have reached, from operating production-ready plants to developing projects from scratch. This strategy means that we can build up our generation facilities more quickly while at the same time creating new capacity. The impact goes beyond energy issues alone, also supporting the environmental rehabilitation of the land used.”


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