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Monaco Inaugurates Communal Council 2019 / 2023

After his recent re-election, Mayor Georges Marsan took part in the new communal council inauguration ceremony on 16 April 2019, at 11am in the Monaco’s City Hall.

The new members of the Municipal Council were elected last month, on 17 March in an election with somewhat predictable results, as there was only one list of candidates in the running.   A new four-year term for the elected members of L’évolution communale has now begun.

During the inauguration ceremony, fifteen councillors chose Georges Marsan as mayor for a fifth term, after the opening address from the oldest member, Claude Bollati. Georges Marsan has been the mayor of Monaco since 2003. The recent majority vote has renewed his mayoral duties until 2023.

Mayor Georges Marsan is Inaugurated in City Hall

In his speech, Georges Marsan announced the setting up of a new communal organization around eight major themes, in addition to the traditional delegations. Each of the eight major themes will be placed under an elected representative: Camille Svara for Social; Marjorie Crovetto Harroch for Framework of Life, the Environment and Sustainable Development; Françoise Gamerdinger for Culture; Jacques Pastor for Heritage and Traditions; Nicolas Croesi for the Digital Transition; Jean-Marc Deoriti Castellini for Animation and Leisure; Chloé Boscagli Leclercq for Youth and finally Axelle Amalberti Verdino for the Development of Financial Resources.

Mayor Georges Marsan is Inaugurated in City Hall

Before closing the meeting, the Mayor listed major projects for the 2019/2023 term: the new digital identity card; the exterior and interior renovation of the market hall of La Condamine; the creation of Calcetto and Padel fields as part of the restructuring of the Moneghetti Stadium; the new Media Library; the creation of the “My City everyday” app; the opening of three new crèches in Larvotto, Saint Roman and Moneghetti; a new digital version of telealarm; replacing of the entire fleet of 57 public transportation shelters with smart shelters and more.

At the end of the ceremony, the members of the Communal Council went to the City Hall Square, where ‘La Palladienne’ was performed, before heading to the Wedding Hall to listen to the ‘U Cantin d’A Roca’ choir.

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