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Monaco Police call for Vigilance

Friday, March 16, 2018. For several weeks, individuals in an organized gang have been attempting to assume the identity of important personalities in the Principality (corporate leaders or other persons with responsibilities) and trying to get in touch with their personal contacts by all means, including by email, SMS or video call, WhatsApp or other apps.

Their mode of operation is elaborate. Documents at the head of Monaco official bodies, apparently signed by their officials, can be forwarded, just like calls can display the number of these organizations. The staging aims to obtain, under the pretext of solving an urgent financial problem, transfers of funds to bank accounts opened abroad, particularly in Asia.

The Directorate of Public Security therefore calls for the utmost vigilance and urges:

  • to be very cautious and skeptical about this kind of unusual communication
  • to carry out any direct and certain verification
  • to contact the Judicial Police Division in case of such requests: Tel: +377 93 15 30 15 –
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