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Monaco’s 16th International Festival of Amateur Theatre

Organized every four years since 1957, this year’s International Festival of Amateur Theatre will bring together 24 troops from 24 different countries. In addition to performances every evening, the Festival offers symposiums and workshops open to all, and runs from the 21st to 30th of August.

“Firstly, the troops will present their work in an uncompetitive environment.  The second pillar of the festival consists of exchanges about the shows and the activities of the troops, mediated by the famous ‘Colloques’, to shed light on how the troops function, organize and create theatre in countries as diverse as Malaysia, Chile, France or Morocco.” said Patrice Cellario, General Commissioner of the event.

This 16th edition includes a film reel created by the ‘Studio de Monaco’.  The festival is also celebrating its 60th anniversary this year.  Over the course of its many years, the festival’s activities have gotten bigger, allowing different troops from diverse countries to practice theatre.

Monaco’s 16th International Festival of Amateur Theatre

“The bill includes 15 first editions throughout these 60 years. The theatre world, through this particular festival, has permitted dialogue between very diverse populations and horizons.  We have gathered thousands of people in the Principality over the course of the different editions.  Strong friendships have been formed, we’ve even had people fall in love and families have been created thanks to this festival.  Between ourselves, we like to say that we’re a great matchmaking agency, but, more profoundly, I believe that this festival puts understanding and education through theatre in place.  We want to educate about other cultures, ways of life, other ways of creating theatre, and understanding between different peoples is the real link between the editions.”

The 16th edition of the festival will take place at three of the Principality’s theatres: the prestigious Salle Garnier, the Theatre des Variétés and the Theatre Princesse Grace.  The festival’s village will be located at the Rainier III Auditorium.

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