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Monaco’s Road Safety Competition Final

Organized by the Monegasque Road Safety Association, the Monegasque Final of the Road Safety Competition took place on Monday 25 June at the Recreation Centre of the Route de la Turbie.

It brought together 36 children from the schools of the Principality in classes CM1 and CM2. A total of 900 students had previously participated in the written and practical exams which focused on Prevention and Road Safety.

The participants in the final passed a written test before riding their bikes on a special track lined with road signs which may be encountered in real life. Each participant was surveyed by a policeman, who noted possible infringements.

Trophies awarded to the students were presented by the Monaco Automobile Club, the National Education, Youth and Sports Department and the Monegasque Road Safety Department. The grand prize went to St. Charles School.

The first three winners then represented Monaco at the Departmental Finals held in Saint-Laurent du Var on 27 June, the student with the best result finished in 21st place out of 50 competitors.

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