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Monegasque boats allowed to sail in French waters

From today, Monegasque-registered vessels will be permitted to sail and make ports of call in French territorial waters in the Mediterranean. In accordance with the principle of reciprocity established by the Franco-Monegasque Agreement, French-registered vessels will also be able to sail and make ports of call in the Principality’s territorial waters.

Mooring and ports of call are limited along the coast to a maximum of 54 nautical miles (around 100 km) from Monaco’s ports, in accordance with Decree No. 071/2020 issued by the Maritime Prefect for the Mediterranean on 18 May.

In the case of pleasure craft, however, the ability to moor is subject to municipal decrees mandating the opening or closure of coastal areas. It is up to sailors to seek information from municipal authorities.

Finally, please remember that you must contact the semaphore station by VHF radio or telephone before entering French waters.


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