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“Money laundering, financing of terrorism, and weapons” addressed by National Council

Monaco’s National Council has reformed Bill 1080, relating to money laundering, terrorist financing and weapons, with the aim of significantly worsening sanctions relating to these crimes.

It is the third time the bill has been reformed and it aims to supplement and modify the Penal Code and Law No. 1.222 (from 28 December 1999) relating to extradition, permitting preventive inspections outside of any investigation and strengthening the penal system relating to seizures, the reduction of procedural delays and the better guarantee of the execution of court decisions.

“Law of December 7, 2023 adapting legislative provisions relating to the fight against money laundering, the financing of terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction,” states the National Council’s report on Bill No. 1080.

The revision also strengthens special investigation techniques through undercover operations. As for developments in the extradition procedure, the bill defines the stages of extradition (defined by the National Council as “a common law procedure”) to create a simplified extradition procedure and adapts it to comply with the Principality’s international commitments.

Amnesty for personal weapons…

The Principality of Monaco is planning to organise a national campaign promoting the abandonment of weapons and ammunition, with full amnesty, similar to in France. In Monaco, there are approximately 600 recreational shooting licensees and 760 registers firearms. These figures of not include illegal weapons or private individuals who have somehow inherited undeclared weapons dating from the Second World War, for example. The legal framework for weapons was reformed and discussed in December 2023 as the regulations have not changed in over five decades (Law 913 of 18 June 1971).

A campaign carried out in France at the end of 2022 installed three hundred “armodromes” across France, which collected over 150,000 weapons and almost five million pieces of ammunition, without any judicial or administrative prosecution. Since 2021, Monaco’s Police Force has destroyed or deactivated 119 weapons by the Monaco armory.

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