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Mr Goodfish: quality food and protected environment

Bernard Fautrier, vice-president of the Foundation of Prince Albert II, and Frédéric Darnet, director of the Monte-Carlo Bay, recently launched the programme Mr Goodfish.

To propose a quality cuisine while respecting the ecosystem: this is what brought together the management of Monte Carlo and the programme Mr Goodfish. Launched initially by three aquariums in France, Italy and Spain, this project aims to raise awareness of restaurants serving fish, crustaceans and molluscs.

Carefully selected Fish

The objective is to propose recommendations of species per season, based on three criteria: seasonality that corresponds to the period outside the reproduction of the species, maturity so that the specimen can reproduce at least once, and the level of stocks of the species. From this careful selection, each establishment that signs up to the programme Mr Goodfish is committed to offering at least two dishes that meet these criteria. For Auriane Pertuisot, coordinator for Mr Goodfish in the Mediterranean sector, “the programme also helps to promote little-known species, which is one way to protect more in-demand species that may be at risk.”


Responsible cuisine

Since 2013, the Prince Albert II Foundation has assumed the regional coordination of the program. With this new partnership, now ten restaurants and wholesalers for the hotels of Monaco are engaged in the programme, among them restaurant “L’Hirondelle” and “Stars’N’Bars”.

On the Monte-Carlo Bay side, the chef of restauration, Marcel Ravin, explained his enthusiasm about this project. “It’s always been part of my cooking philosophy. When I make a dish, it’s the seasonality that will make me creative because I am in contact with producers and fishermen. Joining Mr Goodfish means designing sustainable cooking and keeping in mind that resources are not inexhaustible.” The star chef sees the opportunity of raising awareness of both establishments but also customers. “It’s about thinking of tomorrow because tomorrow our children will be affected. But now it’s the time to begin.”

Monte-Carlo Bay
Monte-Carlo Bay. Source:

So, now you have the opportunity to taste delicious and sustainable seafood cuisine in the Principality and beyond thanks to the recently launched Mr Goodfish program.

Moreover, there is another fact showing the intention of the Principality of Monaco to protect the Ocean and its species. On Wednesday 31 May 2017, H.E. Ms Sophie Thevenoux, Ambassador, Head of the Mission of Monaco to the European Union, signed the MedFish4ever Ministerial Declaration on the future of fishing in the Mediterranean. The signing ceremony took place at the European Commission in the presence of João Aguiar Machado, Director General of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries.

The MedFish4ever Declaration was adopted following a ministerial conference on fishing in the Mediterranean, held in Malta on 29 and 30 March 2017.

MedFish4ever Declaration
MedFish4ever Declaration signing ceremony in Malte – João Aguiar Machado, Director General of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries and H.E. Ms. Sophie Thevenoux, Ambassador, Head of the Mission of Monaco to the European Union. ©DR. Source:​

It will serve as a framework for action to be taken in this region over the next ten years on key issues such as artisanal fishing and combating illegal, unregulated and unreported (IUU) fishing, data collection, scientific advice and the adoption of reliable conservation measures.

By signing this declaration, H.E. Ms. Sophie Thevenoux confirms H.S.H. the Sovereign Prince’s commitment to the sustainability of fishing in the Mediterranean.


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