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New developments take over the Principality

From east to west, not a single entrance to the Principality can escape a scene of construction. From Operation Testomonio, between Saint-Roman and the Larvotto, to the equipment on the Ilot Pasteur, passing by the site of the hospital. At the West entrance, along the Boulevard du Jardin-Exotique, works are progressing well and are creating a new landscape in the district, which gains in public facilities what it loses in rural charm. A large deterrent parking lot, a large-scale real estate project, a new space for the greenhouses of the exotic garden, a 66 luxury apartment complex. From the entrance of the downward tunnel to the Villa Paloma roundabout.


Footbridges designed by urban architect Rudy Ricciotti. Photograph: Architecture Reportage BE.

Is this neighborhood reparcelling, with its succession of neighboring buildings without real coherence, a hiccup?  A reflective deliberation is underway to consider the development of this city entrance and “make this public space interconnected,” says Alain Laurent, deputy director of Public Works. Among the projects under study is that of the urban architect Rudy Ricciotti, who designed the footbridges from the deterrent car park to the front of the exotic garden to avoid pedestrians crossing the boulevard. The deliberation continues.

Engelin tower almost complete

The structural work will be completed by the end of the month.

Construction Projects Monaco
The Engelin Tower is almost complete. Photograph: Monaco Hebdo.

A new lookout for the neighborhood, the Engelin tower already rises to the 15th floor. This stately building, which will house 133 dwellings (from 2 to 5 rooms each), will have 17 floors in total.  The structural work is due to be completed by the end of March and the houses will be available at the end of the year. In parallel, workers dug out nine levels of parking (287 spaces) underground.  Imagined by the architects Fred Genin, Emmanuel and Olivier Deverini, the Engelin will also house the Audiovisual Archives. The 1,162 square metres dedicated to offices will be available in the summer of 2018.

66 luxury apartments

Operation Testomonio
Operation Testomonio. Photograph: Workshop7.

The first pieces have already been positioned for the glass building. The Engeco group plans to build another 66 luxury apartments on the site of the old greenhouses of the exotic garden, above the entrance to the downward tunnel. The future complex will also have four commercial premises and an exceptional panorama of the sea. The displaced greenhouses have liberated a substantial land base over the downward tunnel.

XXL Greenhouses

Exotic Garden
Monaco’s Exotic Garden. Photograph: French Riviera Blog.

If the construction site is still in progress, the plan has already started moving forward for the XXL greenhouses being built in place of the old Vita health trail. This glass cathedral will house the rare plant species that make up the exotic Garden collection.

And 1,850 parking spaces

Surely, the most awaited public works of the district: the creation of a multi-storey car park. It will have 1,850 spaces on fourteen levels, replacing the former small open-air parking area dedicated to buses. The first works consist of reinforcing the rocky spur of the neighboring cliffs, which will be preserved to “clothe” the building and the underlying car park.

The earthworks must be connected and will be completed in five years, in the summer of 2022. On this date, to facilitate visitors, vehicles will be able to park at the entrance to the exotic garden.

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