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New exit ramp will help alleviate traffic to Monaco

Drivers stuck in traffic on the A500 as well as the inhabitants of La Turbie, who watch thousands of vehicles pass by their windows every morning, will be relieved to hear about some new construction plans.

Vinci Autoroutes plan to create an exit ramp on the roadway south (direction Aix-Italy) in the area of ​​Beausoleil. It will help alleviate the bottlenecks created by the 40,000 people who commute to Monaco every day.

“Today, there are congestion problems at the tunnel of Monaco. This leads a number of motorists to take the crossroads through La Turbie every morning,” says Xavier Richer de Forges.

The plan: open access by investing the current Downstream Service Path.

Traffic at night


“The plans have not yet been secured, there is still a lot to be done. Traffic relief is a very complicated subject,” warns Xavier Richer de Forges. “For a long time, the ministry told us it was unfeasible.,,”

A simple ‘remix’ of the existent route will not suffice.

“We are going to make the ramp from scratch. This will require ground work, altering the radius of the route, to make something much more comfortable.”

This route would be carried out with the participation of local authorities and the Principality. It would lead to a roundabout, aided by the Department. But before this happens, the project will be submitted to the Ministry and will need the green light from them. According to Vinci Autoroutes, the works could be committed to in 2019, for construction in 2020.

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