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New majority at the National council

The 27th of April 2016, the date on which Laurent Nouvion lost his chair on the National Council, supposedly for a better position. This “movement” is the name of an association which is not a party or a political movement, but a group intending to define a set of national councilors, around  Christophe Steiner, the president of the National Council, with a unique denomination and “non partisan” link.

“Of my own free will”

For the President of the New Majority, Jean-Charles Allavena, the time has come to “make our action more visible and more readable in terms of communication. We had to clarify things.” Thus, appear three entities on the Internet: the New Majority, Horizon Monaco and Union Monégasque. With this new movement, the re-election of Christophe Steiner, on 6 April, seems to have been prepared in advance. With thirteen elected officials, not to mention the votes of the UM (which had been unanimously in favor of Steiner in 2016), the current president should win in one round.

The New Majority is immediately inscribed in plurality. Alongside Jean-Charles Allavena, Thierry Poyet (ex-HM) is General Secretary and Christophe Robino (UP) Treasurer. Yesterday, for the local press, they explained their approach through one of their members: Daniel Boéri (Independent).

“What connects me to the group is summed up in a quote from William Ernest Henley’s poem: ‘I am master of my destiny and captain of my soul,” said the Dean of National Councillors. “I joined the group of my own free will.” Among the elected officials convinced by the New Majority, we also note the presence of elected Renaissance member Eric Elena and the Independent Sophie Lavagna.

“For the past year, a new majority has been working,” explains Jean-Charles Allavena. “It is not structured as a political group but works behind president and vice president Marc Burini. It has produced many legislative results, the functioning of the National Council is greatly improved and we are very well.”

But why was it that they had to wait almost a year to formally unite a group?

“We felt that the priority was in the work of the committees,” explains Jean-Charles Allavena.  “This group existed for a long time already,” emphasizes Thierry Poyet. “Today, it’s just a name and a logo that has come out.” Nor is it, according to the elected representatives of the New Majority, a new political party preoccupied with the next campaign. “This is not the time,” insists Thierry Poyet. We have one more year. We want to finish the principals properly.”

Christophe Robino agreed that the creation of this group was “indispensable.” He continued: “This color is that of the Monegasques. I am pragmatic: the first three years we have accumulated a legislative debt. We have a fairly broad membership with the elected UM also because we have common ideas. This is not the case with Horizon Monaco which proposes an abstruse text about organ donation, for example. What works is presumed consent. Why take us back years? Monaco participates in the Paca network. We did not expect this proposal to move forward! Typically, things work by not proposing advances to professionals.” After the disintegration of the majority Horizon Monaco and the breakdown of last 27 of April, the national councilors are rebuilding.

Former President Laurent Nouvion is supported by a core of six elected representatives around Horizon Monaco. The three elected UM remain united and have gained a strong identity through their legislative work and their noted interventions in the sphere. As for the New Majority, it brings together more politicians around Christophe Steiner today than a year ago.

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