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New Projects keep Monaco’s Harbours Clean and other Monaco news

Summer is a busy time for the entire Principality with lots of projects for kids and adults. And here we selected the most interesting news about events of the past week.

New Projects keep Monaco’s Harbours Clean

Cleaning the Saint-Nicolas Rocks

As part of its marine biodiversity management mission, the Directorate of the Environment organized a cleaning of the Saint Nicolas rocks on 15 June 2018.

These coral producing rocks, located at the exit of the Fontvieille port, are rich in biodiversity and must be preserved. However, they are subject to the pressures of human activities which result in the presence of waste, a large proportion of which comes from recreational fishing activities (fishing lines, hooks, etc). For two years, several cleaning operations have made it possible to remove much of the waste in this area.

Student Warriors Defend Monaco’s Marine Environment in their Battleship Saint Sospir

Snapper for All

What would you give for the opportunity to go for a day’s outing on the Mediterranean with a group of friends on the very special boat. Unique in fact, because it was a replica of the sixteenth century sailing boat Saint Sospir. And the lucky group of passengers were a class of children. Lucky yes, but they had earned the privilege by winning a big competition “Snapper for All”.

Look ahead to New Health and Social Projects

New Health and Social Projects

Didier Gamerdinger, the Minister of Health and Social Affairs, met recently with the press to unveil a summary of his first year in Health and Social Affairs; and to look ahead to new projects in the upcoming months.

3rd Cluster Yachting Monaco Rendezvous: spotlight on cybersecurity

Cluster Yachting Monaco
@Cluster Yachting Monaco

Held under the Presidency of HSH Prince Albert II, the 3rd Cluster Yachting Monaco Rendezvous gathered 250 professionals from the sector in the Yacht Club de Monaco to discuss cybersecurity as it relates to yachts.

A Law to Compensate Nightwork in Monaco is Close on the Horizon


Didier Gamerdinger Minister for Health and Social Affairs is addressing as a priority the subject of nightwork. Nightwork has two specific challenges that he has been resolving. Firstly, how to deal with the additional compensation that is justifiably merited. It is recognized that nightwork involves unusual effort and stress that should be compensated. Secondly there is the medical side. Didier Gamerdinger is wise to the practicalities of the situation. The devil is often in the details.

Princess Grace Academy Gala is an opportunity to congratulate talented students

Princess Grace Academy Gala

As every year, the Princess Grace Academy Gala is an opportunity to marvel at the academy’s incredibly talented students and high standard of teaching. All the academy’s staff members are committed to providing students with a rigorous and multi-faceted education.

Excellence and diversity are the cornerstones of the academy, which aims to train the next generation of dancers and prepare all students to join international dance companies.

A Hive of Activity: 9th APIdays in Monaco

9th API days in Monaco

APIdays 2018, organized by beekeepers from the National Union of French Beekeeping (UNAF) took place at over 120 sites all over mainland France, overseas and in Monaco on Friday 15 June.  This year’s theme was: The link between bees and food via pollination.

The event gave school children and the general public an opportunity to learn about the essential role bees have in preserving plant biodiversity, and more broadly, our environment.

Seafront Extension Update: Minister of State meets Larvotto Merchants

Minister of State meets Larvotto Merchants
On Friday morning, the Minister of State went to Larvotto to meet merchants and exchange with them about various topics, including the seafront extension project, the monitoring of bathing water and the future renovation of the site.

New Stamps Commemorate Grimaldi Historic Sites of Monaco

Grimaldi Historic Sites of Monaco

A block of 4 stamps commemorating the 1st Meeting of the Grimaldi Historic Sites of Monaco will be issued later this month. On 23 and 24 June 2018, the Place du Palais will host the first meeting of the Grimaldi Historic Sites of Monaco. The event will honour the Marquisate des Baux and the County of Carladès, territories whose titles are linked to the hereditary Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, the Marquis des Baux and the Countess of Carladès, respectively. The city of Menton, which has been part of the Principality for five centuries, completes the list of historic sites.

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