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New Stamps Commemorate Grimaldi Historic Sites of Monaco

A block of 4 stamps commemorating the 1st Meeting of the Grimaldi Historic Sites of Monaco will be issued later this month. On 23 and 24 June 2018, the Place du Palais will host the first meeting of the Grimaldi Historic Sites of Monaco. The event will honour the Marquisate des Baux and the County of Carladès, territories whose titles are linked to the hereditary Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, the Marquis des Baux and the Countess of Carladès, respectively. The city of Menton, which has been part of the Principality for five centuries, completes the list of historic sites.

Each site will present its own cultural and artisanal heritage. Various activities will be offered: puppet shows, folkloric dances, medieval fights, games for children, lavender workshops, santon-making, stonemasonry, ceramic workshops and more. A sound and light show will also be projected on the facade of the Prince’s Palace on Saturday 23 June at night.

To commemorate this event, a block of 4 stamps will be issued on 23 June by the Stamp Issuing Office. The block of stamps and other philatelic products relating to the Grimaldi historic sites will be available for sale during the event at the Place du Palais on 23 and 24 June. For more information:

Drawing of the Palace: Alain Giampaoli. Engraving of the Palace: Line Filhon. Layout: Créaphil. Printing: Intaglio and offset. Block size: 120 x 100 mm. Stamp format: 30 x 40.85 mm vertical Draw: 35,000 blocks

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