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New yellow Ambulances for the Principality

New yellow ambulances are now operating in the Principality. The new ambulance is part of an intervention vehicle replacement plan. A yellow colour was chosen to distinguish the emergency vehicles from private ambulances and state-of-the-art medical equipment has been installed to better care for victims.

New yellow ambulances for Monaco

Colonel Tony Varo, Chief of the Fire Department said that the colour is a tool to render the vehicles more visible and make the ambulances more uniform. Although many people were surprised that the yellow colour replaced the red and white design, the Principality is not the first place to use yellow. Monaco’s Fire Department tested the colour to make sure the vehicles were distinguishable from private vehicles, so the public will no longer be confused. A lot of symbols were removed from the ambulances for the same reasons. Tony Varo believes it is important to stand out because they are not a private transportation ambulance; they are in the emergency response sector, with specialists inside the vehicle who are trained to face emergency situations in conjunction with SMUR from the Princess Grace Hospital.

Innovative equipment has also been installed in the new ambulances to bring better care and comfort to victims. New materials were chosen, notably, a new suspended table which is more comfortable for the victim. To keep contagious illnesses contained, a quarantine chamber has also been installed in the new ambulances, which allows medical staff to work with patients and transport them to specialized centres or hospitals without contaminating the inside of the vehicle.  These types of additions were specially developed and adapted for the ambulance and they allow medical staff to properly care for special cases.

The vehicle is a Mercedes brand which has been equipped by the French company TIB. The unique new model is currently circulating around the Principality.

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