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Nico Rosberg, Environmental Champion, Awarded Great Honour by the European Culture Forum

The European Cultural Forum is full of praise for former Formula One World Driving Champion Nico Rosberg. Still young at age 36 Nico continues to inspire, climbing other summits nowadays, notably protecting our environment.

Published by the European Culture Forum itself is the record of the prize-giving: “With this prize we honour Nico Rosberg pioneer spirit as investor and entrepreneur in the field of sustainable and digital technologies, which are essential for our future”, is reported as announcing Bernhard Reeder, chairman of the board of the European Cultural Forum. – “He supports for years many initiatives, which are dedicated to the most necessary tasks of our time. As co-founder of the Greentech-Festival he offers innovations a stage and brings experts together with start-ups. Nico Rosberg’s engagement stands therefore for the purpose of this year’s European Promotion Award Next Generation.”

Nico is reported responding with obvious delight: “I am delighted that my work inspires other people and companies to also commit to climate protection. We can only do it together, and I am proud to have strong partners and a team by my side that will continue to actively work to find sustainable solutions that make our future better.”

He also shared on social media how proud he is: “What an honour to receive the award after Arnold Schwarzenegger and Prince Albert II. Very proud moment.”

Dedication to the environment

The award is a testimony to Nico’s dedication to the environment. For years he has led the way choosing to invest solely in green technologies or companies that strongly support sustainability.

The former German-Finnish racing ace has placed environmental conservation at the core of his activities. He is a co-founder of the Greentech Festival, which aims to promote eco-responsible companies and green energy.

Nico Rosberg is a proponent of a total ban on plastic, waste recycling and the shrinking of meat consumption.

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